Amplifiying the value of your tests

On October 9th, our Project Coordinator has been invited to take part to the STAMP General Assembly meeting taking place in Madrid. This is part of our joint efforts to bring a rich testing ecosystem that might boost the performance of the team. These efforts started in 2018 with a first meeting to try to bring STAMP CAMP tool into the ElasTest (more on this in a moment).

Among others, we’re doing integrations with two different tools that focus on different purposes. On the one side, you can use Descartes, the STAMP mutation testing tool, in your Java projects, and get a better insight of those mutants that survive with the observability tools provided by ElasTest. If you’d like to understand how these two together might help you, take a look at the demo in our live instance.

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Comparison of the logs of two Descartes executions. ElasTest makes fairly simple to see how things improved after changing the test cases

On the other side we have the CAMP tool, which provides amplification for your configuration tests. Basically, given a Docker compose file, CAMP can generate many different configurations based on predefined features, like several new Docker compose files with different database systems. Based on those configuration files ElasTest run a Multi-configuration TJob, where each TJob configuration consists of a different Docker compose file. With the ElasTest ability to record metrics and logs, it is possible to compare them side by side, and to select the best configuration.

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Side by side comparison of two executions for different metrics (bytes transmitted through the network link, transmission errors, and packets transmitted)

We’re still working on these integrations, but you get the idea: the more tools we have, the more information we can get about the quality of our applications.

Happy testing!

Easing end-to-end #testing. Improving the #quality of large software systems. Reducing time-to-market and testing costs.

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