What’s Elastos been up to in 2020?

Elastos is not a blockchain project but rather a network operating system project powered by blockchain technology. Elastos uses internet as the base-layer infrastructure rather than an application where decentralized applications are forced to never directly connect to the internet and only interact with Elastos runtime (which in turn acts as a middle layer, then connecting to the internet). Within the elastos ecosystem, everything from devices to virtual machines to users to DApps has a DID (Decentralized ID) issued by the blockchain and every time the application requests any sort of internet access, the ID has to first be verified using the blockchain which in turn eliminates many of the man-in-the-middle attacks, virus attacks, etc.

So, whats been happening in the space this year?

Topics covered;

  1. elastOS: The Gateway to the SmartWeb
  2. Desktop OS development
  3. Trinity Native
  4. Cyber Republic’s first decentralised Council Launched
  5. Chainlink Oracle Integration + De-Fi
  6. Elastos has joined the Ren Alliance
  7. Decentralised Twitter called Feeds announced
  8. India Expansion
  9. Elastos NFT trading marketplace
  10. Release of CryptoName
  11. Elastos (ELA) Upcoming Listing on a Major Global Exchange
  12. Cyber Republic 80% Uncirculating ELA Coin Burn (Remaining 20% lockup) Announcement
  13. Web3 intergration into Elaphant wallet replacing MetaMask.
  14. Elaphant Team Reaches Cooperation Agreement with StorSwift, One of Filecoin’s Top Miners
  15. Hyper Messenger
  16. GreenPass App: Fighting COVID-19 with your data privacy in mind
  17. Assist dApp enables adding decentralised IDs login to any applications.
  18. Tuum Tech creates Vouch dapp — verify credentials and deliver a more robust digital identity experience
  19. ElastosAcademy Builds the ElastOS Companion dApp (where learning meets gamification)
  20. Elabox created and the ElaboxSN1 Supernode is live
  21. Elastos Foundation joins elite Digital Identity Industry Working Group
  22. Final Thoughts

Lets get started!

Elastos becomes the first blockchain project to deliver a fully integrated runtime ecosystem that creates a single place for managing tokens, creating and managing W3C-compliant decentralized identities, running Ethereum based smart contracts and transporting network data in a decentralized way, all in one native application designed for dApps.

“If you look at a lot of blockchain projects they’re still using the old web, using the older Linux and they just do the recording of the hash on a smart contract or on a blockchain but the programming logic is running on the website, so if say, Amazon shuts the website down or some virus attacked dyn.com or a DNS resolution attack, the whole project is at risk. There are failure points, the website is a centralized point of failure that if somebody’s able to shut down, you don’t have the portal into the current decentralized world. The DApp can still be manipulated and can still be shut down even though the smart contracts cannot. When I study the DApps of the ecosystem or the world computer I realized that’s the big loophole we need to fix so that’s where the Elastos comes in” — Rong Chen, Elastos Founder

Available today on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.trinity.runtime&hl=en

Apple iOS is en-route however the foundation is dealing with stringent app store policies which has delayed the release.

“The Trinity Tech team began development on elastOS for Desktop in mid-July, and has already made great progress. The initial work to migrate the runtime environment is nearly complete, and plugin migration is now under way. Trinity Tech does not anticipate that significant challenges will arise in this phase, as all native plugins (Carrier, DID, Hive, SPVSDK) are either fully or almost ready to be built on Windows, Mac, and Linux’’.

“Although elastOS for Desktop remains at an early development stage, daily automated developer releases will become available in mid-August for interested individuals. The first alpha release of elastOS for Desktop will be able to run a Launcher App, DID sessions, and Hyper IM in parallel to elastOS’ mobile version, and its release is slated for October 2020".

For more information read here: https://news.elastos.org/exploring-elastos-august-2020-status-and-future-outlook/

Trinity Native is a new project based on Trinity, and was initially inspired by the Hyper team. Hyper had early plans to build and package their existing Ionic Hyper IM Capsule code base as a native App in order to produce a standalone product. In suit, Trinity’s conception was based on extending Hyper’s vision in order to package all Capsules as standalone Apps. Our collaboration has already been a great success, and we have a lot of progress to show”.

HyperIM on Trinity Native: HyperIM will be the first Trinity-native App to be released, and will provide an opportunity to work through and implement Applications for both elastOS Desktop and Trinity native. When HyperIM’s Trinity-native implementation is successfully released, Trinity native will become open to any developer who wants to package his or her elastOS Capsule as a native Application”.

For more information read here: https://news.elastos.org/exploring-elastos-august-2020-status-and-future-outlook/

On Monday, June 9th, twelve individuals were officially elected into the CR Council.

Cyber Republic: https://www.cyberrepublic.org/

The Cyber Republic Consensus is the third Elastos consensus mechanism after PoW and DPoS. The purpose of CRC is to provide a consensus-based community governance mechanism that will drive Elastos’ technological and ecosystem development, dispute resolution, and management of community assets, and establish incentives to foster community participation in the governance of and contribution to the Elastos community.

The CRC can be viewed as the CR community’s top-level governance model, but it is not intended to become a closed off, tightly knit, or compulsory organizational structure for the community; openness, dispersion, and spontaneity are essential characteristics of the community. Rather, the purpose of the CRC is to guide the process of grassroots growth through the power of collective decision making, and to provide assistance when necessary. Additionally, the CRC is the basic infrastructure for developing the Elastos DApp ecosystem, as it provides a general community governance mechanism for truly decentralized applications.

If 2/3rds, 8 out of 12 members say yes to a proposal, it is passed and funded.

Learn about the twelve candidates voted in by the community here; https://cyberrepublic.press/crknights/

So far, there have been 24 suggestions turned into proposals by the CR council with 7 funded and passed. Research these proposals here: https://www.cyberrepublic.org/proposals

“The Elastos Info Team is excited to announce the integration of Chainlink, the market-leading decentralized oracle network, to power a cross-chain stablecoin protocol built on the Elastos Ethereum Sidechain. The Cyber Republic ETH Task Force will deploy an ELA/USD decentralized price feed using Chainlink’s Price Reference Data framework as the basis for collateralization checks on users’ Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs), thereby ensuring full stablecoin collateralization”.

“An Elastos stablecoin will bring much-needed stability to both the Elastos ecosystem and the greater DeFi space, providing users access to a reliable form of cross-chain payment and collateral that is not vulnerable to market volatility. This integration represents one of many DeFi implementations developers may leverage via Chainlink, including exchange rates for trading synthetic assets and issuing loans, as well as non-DeFi use cases such as content monetization and reliable price algorithm development for web Apps”.

“One of Elastos’ key features is the massive hashpower it leverages to secure its sidechains — in particular, its DPoS-based Ethereum Sidechain, which boasts a 400+ TPS performance. DPoS nodes are elected with ELA, the native token of Elastos which is secured by its hashpower-backed main chain. In fact, the Elastos main chain is currently backed by more than 50% of the Bitcoin network’s hashpower”.

Read Elastos Infos full article here: https://elastos.info/elastos-ethereum-sidechain-to-offer-a-cross-chain-stablecoin-powered-by-chainlink-oracles/

The Ren project (see: https://renproject.io) — is a cross-chain (inter-blockchain) open protocol that bridges non-Ethereum coins and tokens to the Ethereum network. Ren will be launching their mainnet shortly, and have the first set of Ren tokens already ready.

Ren and the CR ETH Task Force developers will integrate the Elastos ETH Sidechain with RenVM, enabling owners of ELA or ELAETHSC to transfer tokens at a 1:1 ratio into renELA. ELAETHSC was formally accepted in March 2020 as an EVM Network (see: https://chainid.network) with little fanfare, as chainIds 20 and 21 for the mainnet and testnet respectively -a crucial step on Elastos’ path to joining the wider Ethereum community.

With the big push towards developers and dApps now ongoing, we will also plan to collaborate on hackathons, meetups, events, and other activities as opportunities arise. We believe that the projects and developers that Ren attracts will serve as excellent exposure forElastos, and many may lend themselves towards DeFi type applications. We have only just begun discussing strategic collaboration, and we will share more information as it becomes available.

Your content, your voice! Create a content feed that you can run and control. Own your data. Powered by Elastos.

Official announcement and details yet to be released.

Follow Feeds here — https://twitter.com/elastOSFeeds

With recent legislative changes towards cryptocurrencies, Elastos has been making strides in India. ELA has been listed on India’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange CoinDCX, with a trading competition held in July.

More recently, the Cyber Republic funded Elastos to participate in the DecentralHacks hackathon from the 21st-27th of August. DecentralHacks is a community-driven week-long hackathon for developing blockchain-centric solutions that can affect social good, especially in fields such as healthcare, fintech, education and more. Targeting 500+ Developers — all funding will go to marketing, planning and prizes. Even though the hackathon will be open for anyone to participate from anywhere in the world, our major focus will be to bring as many Indian developers as possible.

Event page: https://decentral-hacks.hackerearth.com/

Proposal listing: https://www.cyberrepublic.org/proposals/5f280ade001b4200786f83d0

A non-fungible token, also known as a nifty, is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are thus not mutually interchangeable by their individual specification.

After the success of Cryptoname (see below), Elastos DMA released a NFT marketplace called OnSale, opening the gates to a world with so many future opportunities.

Link to OnSale — https://onsale.elastosmall.com/

Tutorial on how to link MetaMask to Elastos Sidechain (thus exploring Onsale) — http://www.cryptoname.org/MetaMaskGuide.html

CryptoName is your passport to the crypto world. It enables you to link your CryptoName to your Crypto Wallet, Elastos DID, Website & Email addresses.

At present navigating around the crypto world can be confusing, since you have to use lengthy DiD & wallet addresses, this unfortunately could lead to mistakes. CryptoName aims to simplify the experience and reduce the mistakes made by linking one name to all addresses.

By purchasing “ Brian.elastos.name “ for example, you can then link this name to your CryptoName compatible DID, crypto wallet, web address, email etc. If someone wishes to send you BTC, ELA, ETH or USTD using the Elephant wallet, you will only need to insert “Brian” in to the address bar as the Elephant wallet has adopted the CryptoName service.

Simply purchase your CryptoName from our platform and follow the registration process. Since your CryptoName is a Token (CYN) and you own it (annual renewal fees apply). You will be able to store it, transfer it or sell it via OnSale.

CryptoName has sold over 1000 names since July.

Link to CryptoName — http://www.cryptoname.org

Tutorial on how to use CryptoName — http://www.cryptoname.org/MetaMaskGuide.html

Liquidity has been a big concern from the community. In the coming weeks, the unknown global exchange will be announcing the listing of ELA.

“Currently the choices of exchanges that provide access to Elastos are fairly Asia-centric and therefore we lack the credibility that is associated with increased exposure on globally recognized exchanges”.

“We believe that listing on this exchange is fundamental step to expanding the Elastos ecosystem and brand throughout the blockchain community”.

Funding for this listing came from the Cyber Republic, which can be viewed here; https://www.cyberrepublic.org/proposals/5ee9537fb48e210078fb2440

“In consideration of the inherent tradeoff that exists between ecosystem development and inflationary monetary policy, many CR Council representatives and community members alike expressed concern at the volume of ELA that had been allocated to CR, and to the selling pressure that might be generated by the expenditure of such funds. CR Council representative Elastos Orchard took decisive action on July 6, submitting a Proposal to burn approximately 80% (exact value: 79.67%) of CR Genesis Funds, which they contended would support a strong native token valuation while conserving sufficient funds for annual ecosystem development expenditures. After written materials and critical dialogue were exchanged, the CR Council voted to conduct the 80% token burn”.

The 80% token burn took place on July 30, 2020 at 9:00AM UTC, when the Elastos Foundation transferred 13 million ELA to the ELA Burn Address, thus reducing CR Genesis Funds to 3.31 million ELA. In accordance with the terms laid out in the CR Whitepaper, the CR Council may only expend 10% of its total funds per annum, which amounts to an estimated 331,000 ELA for the ensuing term — or less than 2.5% annual inflation at maximum.

Burn Address: https://blockchain.elastos.org/address/ELANULLXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXYvs3rr

1.32m ELA per year

  • 35% to AuxPoW
  • 35% to DPoS
  • 30% to CR

‘’Elephant Wallet was positioned to serve the community and ecology, because the most important asset of a blockchain project is the community, and we hope to link people and ELA by helping community members manage ELA. We support multiple currencies, link ELA and BTC/ETH ecology. We support simple and convenient H5 API linking Internet applications. While realizing these connections, we have directly implemented or indirectly supported a number of small applications, including ELA red envelopes, ELA Bank, side chain transfer, CryptoName and other most popular projects in the community’’.

A recent proposal was passed on the Cyber Republic for an integrated Web3 engine on Elaphant. This will give Elephant Wallet the ability to run dApps. Specifically, replacing Metamask on the mobile phone allows CryptoName and similar dApps to run directly in the Elephant Wallet.

“The Elastos Info Team is pleased to announce that the Elaphant Team has reached a strategic cooperative agreement with StorSwift, Filecoin’s leading technology service provider. The two parties are in discussions pertaining to Elastos Hive’s decentralized storage solution and the integration of Filecoin data storage technologies into the Elastos ecosystem. StorSwift also plans to use Elaphant Wallet as the preferred wallet for FIL coins, to explore additional synergies between ELA and FIL, and explore further opportunities for collaboration between the two technologies”.

“Shanghai StorSwift Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a leader in the distributed data storage industry. The company’s core team comes from a professional data storage company headquartered in Silicon Valley, and holds more than ten years of management, research and development, and market experience in related industries. StorSwift has both core hardware and software technologies in high-performance digital storage, distributed storage cluster management, and low-level I/O optimization, and specializes in the fields of RDMA acceleration, large-scale storage cluster management, and IPFS/Filecoin-based optimization solutions. With a number of technical competitive advantages in the areas R&D, operations, and technology maintenance, Storswift stands as one of the strongest teams in the Filecoin community”.

Link to article: https://elastos.info/elaphant-team-reaches-cooperation-agreement-with-storswift-one-of-filecoins-top-miner/

A completely decentralized, peer-to-peer instant messenger for maximum privacy and security.

“The development of the Hyper Messenger started in October 2018 with an initial release for Android in January 2019. Since then, the development of the Elastos Carrier (Native and SDKs) has been supported by us including code and documentation contributions, extensive testing, feature requests and optimizations. Beside the Messenger, the Internet-of-Things Framework HyperConnect ( https://hyperconnect.io/ ) has also been fully developed with the same P2P communication approach used for the Messenger”.

“Since March 2020 we have been working with Tuum Tech ( https://tuum.tech/ ) to integrate the Messenger into elastOS. Early June 2020, the initial release of the Messenger on elastOS was published on the DApp Store ( https://www.getdapp.co/ ). In July 2020, we have also started the development of elastOS for Desktop with Tuum Tech. The elastOS desktop version will enable the integration of third-party DApps published for mobile, including Hyper Messenger. Hyper Messenger will also be available as a standalone desktop application, using elastOS SDKs”.

GreenPass is trying to build a global framework based on personal health status. It focuses on personal health data management with strong privacy protection. It generates the coloured health status QR code and enables various use cases, such as access control, team management, appointment management, etc. It’s aiming at all essential scenarios, such as merchant, school, office, travel & hotel, airports, and the vulnerable nursing homes.

GreenPass uses blockchain technology to ensure the data privacy and integrity, which has the characteristics of authenticity, tamper resistance, and traceability. The key elements GreenPass utilized are DID (Decentralized Identity) and VC (Verifiable Credentials). Elastos DID ledger is used and proven to be suitable for this scenario. It guarantees the data ownership and the permission based data sharing is in the individual’s own control. This is essential for global adoption.

More information on GreenPass: https://medium.com/@GreenPass/greenpass-presented-in-ieee-iccc-2020-56e3fc663598

GreenPass Website: http://www.mygreenpass.life/

Publish Your DIDs for free! The latest Tuum Technologies dApp creates a minimum path to digital identity awesomeness by publishing any elastOS DID profile for free! No wallet set up required, no transfer delay headaches.

Interested in seeing it in action? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NC8_s59iac&feature=youtu.be

See the Vouch demo: https://youtu.be/Bl5eUaWmu9M

“Help us build a safer, smarter Internet! We focus on developer content and resources to create an easy way to learn, discover and build with Elastos. At Elastos Academy we provide the materials – you build the ecosystem”.

dApp link: https://scheme.elastos.org/app?id=tech.tuum.academy

“Don’t waste another day that could be spent learning and building with us! Developers are welcome to browse our Resource Center, video workshops and lessons: https://elastos.academy/developer-workshops/

Your gateway to the new mobile internet, launching pad for creating decentralized apps that can’t be shut down, trusted resource for data rights, and the home base of your new digital identity begin here: https://elastos.academy/

“Elabox is the network hardware component to the Elastos network operating system). It is the box that opens to the Decentralized Web. The security of Elastos can be gauged by the number of nodes that keep a complete copy of it’s blockchain, therefore the more Elabox nodes in circulation, the higher the overall security of Elastos. — The heart of this idea is to make Elastos as unstoppable as possible. If the Elastos Dpos network can’t be expanded, then creating a NEW network of fully validating Dpos (FVDpos) nodes that are responsible for making sure that all of the rules in the Elastos Dpos protocol are followed is the next best thing. This concept is identical to running a bitcoin full node that helps protect bitcoin from malicious miners. This basic idea strengthens Elastos by adding 108 Elabox nodes for every 1 Elastos Dpos Supernode”.

Learn more here: https://medium.com/@Enter_Elastos/elaboxsn-supernode-creation-announcement-ae9f2db58863

“On August 5, 2020, Elastos Foundation Director Heng Li attended the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards (BDLS) Committee at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). At the event, Heng Li was elected to serve as vice chairman of P3210, a new working group formed by the IEEE. As the world’s largest technology-centric organization committed to the advancement of human progress, the IEEE has established P3210 in order to monitor and support the development of blockchain technology and its rapidly progressing identity-based applications”.

“P3210 aims to develop a technological standard for digital identity system framework. In drafting this standard, the working group and its member organizations will promote the standardized development of interoperable, identity-based technologies that are powered by blockchain”.

“Elastos has already implemented its own W3C- and DIF-compliant DID solution on the Elastos DID Sidechain, and brings both powerful technology and significant experience to P3210. Elastos DIDs provide users autonomous, tamper-proof, secure, and verifiable ID management capabilities, and are already being used widely throughout the Elastos ecosystem”.

Read Elastos Infos release here: https://elastos.info/elastos-foundation-joins-elite-digital-identity-industry-working-group/

A Ledger Device is a hardware wallet that is considered one of the most secure ways to store your digital assets. Ledger uses an offline, or cold storage, method of generating private keys, making it a preferred method for many crypto users. The Elastos Light Wallet now enables you to Send and Receive ELA, and Vote for supernodes with the Ledger Device.

How To Use Your Ledger Device With The Elastos Light Wallet — https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2020/06/15/how-to-use-your-ledger-device-with-the-elastos-light-wallet/

Ledger Device Tutorial Video with the Elastos Light Wallet — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux59QlKcZMs&feature=emb_logo

With on average 60% of BTCs hashpower and a unique architecture, Elastos is moving forward at great pace to solve the trilemma problem of all blockchain projects out there — the problem of security using the trusted runtime environment, scalability using the main chain sidechains solutions and decentralization using the peer to peer network.

Elastos is the safe and reliable internet of the future. We couldn't be more excited seeing its strengthening network effect and ecosystem grow. The snowball effect is just beginning and with the upcoming 3rd year anniversary on the 20th of August, there much to celebrate.

Missing anything? Feel free to comment or message us on our twitter channel here.

Onward! Upward! Elastos!

Interested in learning the story of Elastos founder Rong Chen? You can read this epic tale in The Odyssey of Rong Chen.

Elastos Orchard relies soley on contributions to grow. This can either be done via staking ELA with our supernode where we provide 80% rewards and re-invest 20% into Orchard growth.

Unsure how to stake with us? Please follow our three step guide below;

Alternatively you can send cryptocurrencies directly to any of our following addresses:

  • Elastos (ELA): EaskSEUxaUKP5qD8Hu6A2taygF2gsS1g5H
  • Bitcoin (BTC): bc1q2plwf567lcf9sgldjr08hxqer6xmw7qe3xyr6v
  • Ethereum (ETH): 0x134553725AC0F3861cCF651300988b5e2332eb68
  • Tether (USDT): 0x134553725AC0F3861cCF651300988b5e2332eb68



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