Where Shall I go? What Shall I do?

Movie buffs might know that the title is a quotation from the movie ‘Gone With The Wind’. These words were tearfully spoken by Scarlett O’Hara and was responded by Rhett Butler with the all time popular movie quote — “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”.

I was reminded of this when I heard a recent concert of TM.Krishna in which he has sung another viruttam penned by author Perumal Murugan. I have written about two other virtuttams (https://goo.gl/Y93Trr and https://goo.gl/93UVI7 )and this is the third, as far as I know, that TMK has performed in this series. In this viruttam, the author pleads to Mathorubagan, the Lord, “What will I do, Where will I go, if you let go of me”.

The lyrics of this viruttam go

தாயுமில்லை தந்தையில்லை தோள்தந்து நிற்கும்
தமையனும் இல்லை தாங்கிட வளர்ந்த
சேயுமில்லை கண்ணீர் துடைக்கக் கரம்தரும்
சொந்தமில்லை பலம்கொண்டு பற்றும் நட்புத்
தீயுமில்லை ஆதரவு காட்டி அணைத்திடத்
தகுமோர் ஆளுமில்லை இந்நிலையில் எனக்கு
நீயுமில்லை என்றாற்பின் நானேது செய்வேன்
நானெங்கு செல்வேன் மாதொரு பாகனே!

Once again, the author, pens his disappointment that he has been let down by all and pleads to the Lord, what he would do and where he would go if the Lord also lets him down.

TMK has sung this beautifully in Sankarabharanam, Thodi, Bilahari and Mayamalavagowla. You can listen to this song here https://youtu.be/pj9H97cxYp8?t=1h45m45s.

The entire concert was a fantastic one. I have been listening to the Khamboji and the Brindavana Saranga, which preceded this viruttam, rather obsessively. Do listen and enjoy the full concert.

Another thought - Perumal Murugan in this viruttam lists in order, mother, father, brother, child, relatives, friends and the society. This reminded me of a song of Kannadasan in which he lists in reverse order zooming in from the society at large to his parents — ஊருண்டு பேருண்டு உறவுண்டு சுகமுண்டு உற்றார் பெற்றாரும் உண்டு. I had written about that song in an earlier blogpost — https://goo.gl/yXxz32

As TMK has mentioned in the video, Perumal Murugan has given him a set of 44 viruttams and now I have heard three. Looking forward to listening to the rest and writing about all of them.