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In our last blog post, we (Shir Peri, Developer Relations and Elay Gliksberg, a developer) talked about putting together a winning hackathon-planning team. This time we’ll cover the topic of how to make your hackathon a memorable event.

Say Yes

At our hackathon team’s first meeting, all we did was throw around wild ideas for things we might want to do during the hackathon. We decided on one rule: to say YES to all ideas with no negativity and then we put all these ideas in a shared doc.

We knew that once we’d start working on the actual event, we’ll have so many tasks that all our creative juices will be replaced by checklists and deadlines, so documenting our ideas beforehand was extremely important. This way we had a go-to doc when we needed some fun creative ideas (like sunrise yoga, night time massages, and special equipment), at a time when our frantic minds were filled with…


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