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Elayna Mae Darcy
Storyteller. Star cluster of feels. INFP. Person of letters & strong with the force. Author of UNRAVELING LIGHT & DARKNESS UNDONE. 🌉🏳️‍🌈📚🏳️‍⚧️💛 she/they

My grandfather is in the walls. Every notch in the wooden panels is one of his fingerprints. Every creak the room makes in the wind is him sighing. But when the snow falls in the backyard, I don’t hear those sighs anymore. There’s nothing to listen to but a still earth that won’t be that way for long.

In a sleeveless shirt, pajama bottoms, and my bare feet, I push the door open. The heat from the house billows around me, meeting the open air like backlight spilling over a subject. It mingles with the February chill I am about…

No words
could ever fully hope to convey
what a safe haven
you gave to me.

In that musty
little library,
you showed me
that myself was enough,
that books could be
portals to other worlds
and places for me
to find peace.

With those scribbled
passes to get me out
of homeroom,
you showed me that
strangers could be
kinder than family
and that words
were the most
powerful form of magic.

So much of who I am
was molded in those mornings,
talking with you as
we put away books
and mused about life
in ways that made me
feel more seen than
perhaps I’ve…

The cards said
to ask my inner child
what she needs,
and so I
whisper within,
wondering a moment
if she’ll even answer,
if she still has
a voice after
all she’s been through.
The arguments overheard,
the cracked bottles
in her playroom,
the sadness in
her mother’s eyes
that she’ll learn to mimic
as all children do.

But she does speak,
quiet and soft,
begging me to
still have hope.

do you still believe
in magic?
she asks.
I do, I whisper back.
do you still, love everyone?
I try, I reply.
do you still run through
fields spinning in circles
in the wonder of the

Galaxies don’t worry
that they take up
too much space,
nor are flowers bothered
by how long they
take to bloom.
So why then
do you apologize
for the time it takes
to become you?


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First Published on Elayna Musings

Everything I did this month is a miracle. The fact that I sat down at this keyboard and wrote almost 42,000 words that didn’t exist before in only 30 days is nothing less than magic. I didn’t need to do it. I didn’t have to. There is no prize. No great ceremonies that will be held. No pomp or circumstance outside of the few tada emojis I might use when I tweet my final word count. No one is gonna hand me a trophy for what I did this month, or make a speech about how important it was.


Elayna Mae Darcy

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