Big Win — Sydney based Eora3D on Product Hunt and Kickstarter

This is a picture of the Eora3D product demoed at Product Hunt Sydney earlier this year.

Asfand, Rahul and Richard really did wow us with their gorgeous and affordable 3D scanner.

They launched on Kickstarter yesterday and within hours they met their target with flying colours! We then put them on Product Hunt and unsurprisingly they got picked up and featured on the front page.

Check out their page on Product Hunt and give them some Sydney love!

Eora3D is a world changing product. Why? Because they are putting an, otherwise, $20,000 product in the hands of the consumer, and making it cheaper than an iPhone!!

It’s almost synonymous to the introduction of the personal computer many years ago, right?

And it all started in a Sydney garage! How about that :)



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