Machine Learning , {Preface}

Hopefully, this is going to be the first in an upcoming series in which I will try to simplify the basics of Machine learning (ML) for myself and other young radiologists who are interested in the rapidly evolving field.

A brief background about me, I am a radiologist-in-training but I have been passionate about computer programming for a while now. My breakthrough however, came a year age when I was introduced to Udacity’s “Introduction to Programming Nanodegree”.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who is new to programming and wants to get a robust working experience in no time. Later in 2016, I became interested in learning more about Machine Learning particularly after I came across TensorFlow, the open source Deep Learning software library created by Google.

In this set of notes, I will try to explain basics of ML as I learn. In most of the notes I will be using Python.

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

See you in the next note.