Chatbots were supposed to be the next big thing, but as usual (like with VR) I think Facebook got…
Michael K. Spencer

It is true that it has taken a while longer to fully develop and I don’t think the technology is there yet in terms of real Customer Service, and truly communicate as a human would expect when she contacts a Customer Service Rep. However, I’m not sure voice recognition will take over sooner. We all know the limitations on that as well. I for once, can only be understood by Google because Siri and Alexa do not understand my accent, and they don’t speak well another language.

Yes, most chatbots are still very slow and I wonder if texting is the right way to go when people in general just want to push a button and be over with. However, we should learn from WeChat since they are really the rulers of the chatbot world. Knowing Facebook and its affinity from spinning other people’s creations I imagine we will start seeing a lot of WeChat functionalities in FB Messenger very soon

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