Great Gatsby

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’ve needed a new portfolio for quite some time. I thought I’d rebuild it with Web Components, but then I ran into the same problem that a lot of people probably encounter: I don’t want to write a bunch of CSS and come up with a unified look and feel for the site.

Enter the portfolio template. It’s the perfect solution for someone that doesn’t want to put a ton of thought into crafting a portfolio.

So, this Friday I decided to roll with a template as well as use some new technology in Gatsby.js. Gatsby is a static site generator for React that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately, and it seemed to be easy to get up and running with it. In short, perfect for today’s use case.

I live-streamed the first ~45 minutes of my process as I got Gatsby installed and started tinkering with the template that I chose (so-called “starters” in Gatsby’s docs).

I’m looking forward to continuing to work on this and get in up on the Web. I’ll update this post when that happens. Always fun to dive into some new tech!