Learn in Public

“three person pointing the silver laptop computer” by John Schnobrich on Unsplash aka learning in public

I read a blog post this week from Kent C. Dodds that did a great job of summarizing what I’m trying to do with these posts and inspired me to do more. The post is ostensibly about Kent’s productivity, but there was a nugget in there that, I think, applies really well to these posts and content creation in general:

Kent linked in his post to a thread on Twitter from a developer named Shawn Wang. Essentially, Shawn has a rule — Learn in Public — that is simply a way of making public all of the things that you’re doing anyway, and is some of the basis for Kent seeming super productive. Here’s the gist that Shawn posted on Twitter:

Shawn Wang: Learn in Public

I found this post really inspiring, and went ahead and read his other rules as well. In keeping with the spirit of this rule and Kent’s post, I spent most of this Friday recording my talk from last week (it wasn’t recorded at the event), editing it, and posting it to YouTube.

I haven’t considered myself much of a content creator before, but I’m starting to come around to the idea. I can imagine how what Shawn describes could have a snowball effect, and I’m looking forward to “learning in public.”