TIY: Week 4

“What’s a handlebar?”


On Monday we came in and talked about our weekend assignment, which was to build a hangman game. One guy in our class built a Star Wars themed-game with the font and everything. It was awesome!

We then talked about a command in Git called rebase. Git is a version-control system, which is essentially just a way for developers to make, store and share changes to code. We then jumped into jQuery, which is awesome! jQuery is a JavaScript library that has tons of functions built in, and our homework was a semi-light introduction to get comfortable with it. We also had some Git work to do.

Hours: 9.5; Comfort level: 3


On Tuesday we really leveled up and jumped into a new topic — templates. Templates essentially allow a programmer to reuse a piece of HTML over and over. It’s a very high-level, abstract concept so it was a bit hard to grasp. Thankfully, we got a two day project involving templates so there was a bit more time to try and understand.

Hours: 9.5; Comfort level: 4


We continued with digging into templates and also covered Ajax, which allows a computer program to makes requests to a server. Ajax is what enables something like the Facebook newsfeed, which dynamically updates without the user having to refresh the page.

I felt like I understood templates much better at the end of the day, and was able to get a lot of the necessary pieces done for our project. With just some styling to go, I left for home and did the rest there.

Hours: 10; Comfort level: 3


Most of us found the topics from this week a bit difficult to wrap our heads around, so we spend a good bit of time in lecture going over templates. Templates partially clicked for me on Wednesday, and the lecture served to reinforce some of the concepts. We also talked some about networking, which I really enjoyed because I’m interested in learning more about connectivity and security, maybe on the side.

Our weekend project is to recreate a clone of a certain famous website in the programming world by pulling in real data from the website using an Ajax request. The stuff we’re able to do in just four weeks is awesome! Making a request to a server is making me feel like a real programmer.

Looking forward to digging into our weekend project Friday and hopefully getting most of it knocked out!

Hours: 9; Comfort level: 3


I came in on Friday and got some good work done. I had managed to pull in the data on Thursday, so most of what remained on Friday was styling. I worked pretty well all day, and then we broke at 4 for Iron Pints, which this week consisted of karaoke in one of the classrooms instead of going across the street to the bar. This was a nice change of routine! I sang “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” which was pretty funny.

Our huddle Friday morning had to do with stress and managing it while we’re in TIY (and beyond, I suppose). We watched a TED talk that discussed the benefits of stress (it brings you closer to others) and that research shows that the important thing for your health is how you think about stress, not whether or not you have it.

On that note, I keep meaning to go back and write a belated recap of Week 2. My big takeaway there was that we WILL get through this, even though it seems overwhelming at times. During Week 2, I was slightly behind with assignments and things ended up turning around in about two hours that Thursday. It was a lesson to me in perspective and to continue persisting even when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope to carry that lesson with me for the rest of my cohort and life.

Hours: 7; Comfort-level: 2

I ended up working on the project on Saturday to finish up some tweaking I had to do on the style, but thankfully nothing too bad!