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I have been a Windows laptop user my entire life. From transitioning between various laptops throughout the years, I’ve come to realize the amount of waste that technology can bring today. However, I am a firm believer that technology and science is the way forward as we make the world efficient in how we use energy and raw materials to live efficiently with nature. But this past year, I’ve had the opportunity and time to think about how companies allow us to achieve that goal.

For work, I am provided with an Apple Macbook. As a software developer, it is…

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Choosing to wear a mask can be a difficult life decision. Much like the purchase of your first home, the conscious decision to wear a mask during a pandemic is a life changing one. The decision can be so challenging that some claim the stress it causes a young adult has severe negative impacts on their psychological health and wellbeing. So let me take you through this decision making journey together.

Decisions can be scary. But, as a professional web surfer, let me share some tips and tricks with you. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t spend thousands of dollars in…

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During these turbulent times, I am sure that many of us are experiencing uncertainty. Uncertainty rarely comes alone. It’s a package deal accompanied by negative stress and fear. Humans like to feel in control of their environment and that is why fostering the right attitude to overcome challenges is a learned skill and not a birthright.

When was the last time that you felt fearful for the future? For me, it was when I did not know what the result of my stomach scan would be. After being plagued with pain and discomfort for months, the uncertainty begged for the…

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For the past month, I’ve been brushing my teeth with my less dominant hand. As a regular right hand user, I ventured into unknown territories by trusting my left hand to keep my teeth clean. At the start, it didn’t listen very well, but over time my left hand and I learned to cooperate to accomplish the task.

You might be wondering why I am sharing this. To be honest, I don’t know either. I decided to brush my teeth with my left hand, because I wondered what it would be like. …

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Every person dreams of travelling somewhere in the world at least once. Fortunately, many of us are able to achieve that dream if we set clear goals to work towards it.

At the age of 21, I was privileged to be in a situation which allowed me to travel and see a different part of the world. My friend was unable to come with me at the last minute, so I grabbed my bag packed with clothes, a book, and some money to solo travel through Thailand. That decision was perhaps one of the key defining moments in my life.

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The first few years of my journey into the workforce after my post-secondary graduation was in a non-profit organisation. The amount of work it does to improve their local communities is tremendous. In fact, they are so well known that the organisation operates across the globe by catering to the needs of its communities. It is so well known that the most of you know the company by listening to this song by the Village People.

Yes, I worked at the YMCA. For three years, I worked for a non-profit organisation and learned many things. During this time, I made…

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Society pictures stress as a monster that creeps towards you as it takes away your strength bit by bit. But, is this all there is to stress? No, there are so many things about stress that many of us do not understand, so let’s discuss it.

Stress is defined as the following:

The non-specific mental or physical result of any demand upon the body.

Note, that it is any demand. Our bodies want to stay at a comfortable level which can be defined scientifically with the term homeostasis. For example, when we exercise, the equilibrium shifts causing stress to our…

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Why would we ask ourselves what it means to be a person? The answer to this question has no scientific value. It doesn’t generate income, provide fame, or a useful skill to apply in your day to day lives. What it does provide is a sense of identity.

Many would never actively ponder this thought and that is unfortunate. Whether you take part in this thought process or not, your day to day actions influence the person that you will become. Values and ideals that grow within us through our experiences dictate our actions. Social pressures drive us in a…

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Believing that you can do something is one of the first steps towards achieving success with a personal goal. However, as many of us know, it’s not as simple as believing in ourselves. Motivation comes and goes leaving behind a bitter taste when we are not able to achieve our goals. Therefore, we cannot rely on motivation, but rather discipline.

Take for example the most common New Years resolution, achieving a healthy lifestyle. Exercising at the start of a new year is easy, because motivation is at its highest peak and there is pressure to deliver. In my experience working…

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Take a moment and think about how you would answer this question. Who is the driver in your life? Most of you probably answered that you are the driver. I am here to argue that you only drive a portion of your life. And that is okay.

As a driver behind the wheel, you are in control of your actions. You could choose to drive safe and carefully or swerve to the right to hit the puddle and any puddle you see on a wet day. You are truly in control of your actions, thoughts, and beliefs. …

Elbert Bae

Learning enthusiast having fun with web development through mini-projects. On the side, writing about personal growth, life, and relationships.

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