“ Yes I am a villager “

  • “ A Country side lifestyle has always been a great inspiration for poets, writers and composers to write poems and songs. Urbanization has taken its giant leap over human civilization yet a life lead in village have always been a classic diaries of leading a beautiful life. Mother told me that I was born with the help of midwife, it was a tradition of delivering a child at own ancestral home in villages rather than running into hospital and giving birth, with the help of doctors who were all well trained with great amount of knowledge filled in their humanoid brains. In school, I saw couple of schoolmates who would proudly flaunt that they were born in the hospital and I never understand why they react so sarcastically whenever I say “ I was born at own home “ There was always a division among students hailing from the town and students hailing from the village , and I was often ridiculed from fellow batch mates for being a villager; we were termed as smelly with no class of standard lifestyle and who knows nothing.
  • My village named as Leku is located at one of the corner in Assam bordering Arunachal Pradesh, India. I was blessed with a big house built with half brick and traditional bamboo Hut, it wasn’t built with marbles and tiles but my house was a castle for me. Though a villager but I was well verge with Cinderella’s fairytale story as a little girl. No matter where we come from I strongly believe that every little girl child come across with the story of Cinderella or any other fairytale stories of Prince and princesses ; they might be the traditional folklore fairytale stories like my grandfather who always told me a Goodnight story of a magical tribal princess who get turned into tiger in the night but they were no less then the story of Cinderella or Snowhite . And Every night I go off to sleep, I dreamed myself as one of those fairytale princess getting dressed with one of the most beautiful glittery gown and a diamond studded tiara seated in a big Palace filled with maids and servants, I would imagine mother and father as the King and Queen of my fairytale world. I was happy with every little thing in my life. My childhood passed through playing dolls made out of bamboo stick and wooden cars that my father effortlessly carved it out from a piece of wood. My father was a gifted sculptor, however his talent have been a least known fact to people.
  • There was a big fishery pond behind our house and it was no less a swimming pool for us. In summers, along with my brothers I used to jumped into waters, swimming around and feel the fresh earthly fragrance of the natural water. Once done with swimming we would start fishing and then proudly display individual catch among siblings “ who caught the bigger fish”. And when I get freed from school, I would often run forward to help mother in clearing unwanted grasses that would often grow up fast covering all the vegetables planted in the backyard. Winter was always a season of merry making for us because it was the end of harvesting time. It was the time when Our store house will be filled with the most awaited different varieties of paddy along with maize and fully ripe pumpkins. A party was always organised by my Grandparents to showcase how well the harvesting was and a thanks giving to God giving away ten bags of well harvested paddy in church.
  • Life went so fast that I never realized that I have left my simple country side lifestyle far away. I was a girl who was happy with every little things in life, now I stand where I am never satisfied with anything. I am a different person who is counted among a part of urbanization life. I blended myself with the way of city life Yet I could never run away from the fact that how dearly I missed my village, all those greeneries ; mountain, streams and rivers; fresh fragrance of wintery air with the aroma of harvested paddies, and my little Castle where I had my best Goodnight sleep. In the present urban world, still there are people who ridiculed me for being a villager quoting me as someone coming from a backward place, yet I proudly pronounced “ yes I am a villager “. How could I deny accepting My very own village; from where I have come , where I was born and raised up, where my identity started, where my first breath was destined to be and where my childhood memories have turned into a vintage memories that I have captured in my heart like a thousand instant photographs . I have lived one of the most amazing way of leading a simple country side life that modern world get deprived off and I will always keep myself tagged as a girl from a village. “