The Rise of the Uncollared Worker and the Future of the Middle Class
simon rothman

It’s always interesting to me that Lyft, Uber so frequently get sited as Pantheons of worker liberation and some sort of newly utopian W2 realm. In truth, the first two will be purely Robotic, decidedly non-human enterprises within the next 10 to 12 years and are both absolutely destined to outmode any notions of “Employee” or “Contractor,” all together, when self driving cars replace the utterly disposable and transient human being currently behind the wheels. I’m not disputing that technology hasn’t obviously changed the nature of work, in profound ways. I’m writing this from a vacation rental that my wife and I found through AirBnB, and telecomuting from here, deploying web apps for clients, yada yada. We’re all in that realm now. But why Lyft and Uber are the darlings of an utterly imaginary “human-centric” business plan that’s somehow designed to make human capital’s position enhanced in the future ecomony is beyond me. Nothing could be further from the truth. The cars and things you summon in 2025 and beyond won’t be driven and delivered to you by human beings and Uber, Lyft, Google and others know this all too well. Their multi-million dollar publicity campaigns have duped well-intended, gifted writers like you to become unwitting pundits for total falsehoods.

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