Streaming Music is Ripping You Off
Sharky Laguana

We’ve transitioned into an era where only a handful of artist are ever going to make a living wage via so-called personal use “mechanicals,” especially streaming. The final frontier of revenue for musicians is either commercial licensing, or, more realistically for most artists, performing live in front of thousands, or more profitably, tens of thousands of expensive ticket-holding fans. Then, make sure and sell loads of merchandise to those ticketed fans, once they’re inside a big show. Streaming mechanicals are a write-off loss-leader, serving only one purpose: get your loss-leading streaming vampires to buy tickets to live events and then sell them merchandise once they’re inside the show. Then, make more loss-leader recordings and keep hitting the repeat button and hope you’re eventually headlining Coachella someday. There will never be a profit-center in digital mechanicals. Elvis has already long-left that building.

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