BeamBA is Coming!

In a week from now, InakaESI will be hosting a new edition of our ErlangBA Meetup. This time we’re calling it BeamBA and we’re opening our doors to all languages built on top of BEAM VM.

The event will take place at Inaka’s offices in Villa Crespo on September 28th, 7PM. Please register in our Meetup page if you’re going to participate.

Meetup Logo, thanks Andrés Gerace

The Talks

This time we’ll have 3 speakers (2 in person and 1 remotely):

How BEAMs are built (by Mariano Guerra)

Mariano Guerra

This talk will describe the way in which a programming language is created on top of Erlang’s VM. How the VM works, what are the things it simplifies, what are the things that it complicates. All of that will be shown by going step by step and creating a language that compiles to BEAM bytecode and provides the basic functionality needed to build a calculator with variables.

Erlang at edu-ciaa without an OS (by Carlos Pantelides)

Carlos? Is that you?

This will be a presentation and a call to action to participate in the project of implementing or porting Erlang to the edu-ciaa-nxp platform.

Comparing Erlang with Elixir (by Federico Carrone)

Fede Carrone

The goal of this talk is to share the happiness, difficulties and surprises found while trying to use Elixir to develop game backends after using Erlang for a while. Fede will also compare the differences among the community cultures and he’ll provide a brief summary of the list of tools that Elixir provides, particularly those that are not available in Erlang. In a nutshell, the idea is to compare both languages and their communities.

I personally have high hopes about this event. If you’re around our city, please join us! If you’re away, keep an eye on the Meetup page. A link to the online broadcasting of each talk will be provided soon.

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