Rainbow Days

The perfect day has a wide variety of definitions. Depending on my mood, my perfect day could be anything from something as extravagant as lying on a beach in Hawaii to something as simple as watching the rainfall. Because my moods are forever fluctuating, whenever I think of what my perfect day would consist of, no two ideas are alike. In my opinion, people need a special day to pick them up from whatever hardships they are dealing with in their life. This day needs to be everything they want in that moment with no exceptions. Additionally, because no person is dealing with exactly the same thing in life as another, no two people’s idea of the perfect day should be exactly the same.

At this moment in time, my life is the busiest it has ever been. Every morning, I leave the house at 6:40 am and do not come home until 10:00 pm. I am constantly on the go and trying to get enormous amounts of work done for a list of different activities. As expected, I am overwhelmed with the enormous stress put on me everyday. Furthermore, I am indescribably exhausted because I never have an extra moment to rest. As a result of the crazy life I am living at the moment, my idea of a perfect day is just resting.

At first, when I thought of what my perfect day would consist of, all I pictured was lying alone in my bed either sleeping or reading a book. However, I realized after a few hours or so of doing this, I would become unhappy and restless. These feelings would be caused by the absence of interaction with the people I know and love. My loved ones know me almost more than I know myself and know exactly how to make me happy. I then came to the realization they are a large part of what would make my day perfect.

Because of my insane schedule, I haven’t had extra time lately to spend time with my friends, family, and boyfriend. This encourages me to believe the idea of my perfect day to be just relaxing with my favorite people on the planet. I would love to put all of the work I have to get done aside, and cuddle up under a blanket with the people I love and watch a cheesy disney movie. Drinking hot chocolate, staying warm despite the frightful weather outside the walls of my home, watching Mickey and Minnie dance around, and staying comfortable next to my loved ones sounds like the perfect way to cheer me up from my being so stressed and overwhelmed.

I fully believe the idea that the people I spend time with are truly what makes the day perfect. Whether it be we are skydiving, swimming in the ocean, painting our nails, or just chatting over tea, I will have an amazing time if I am with the people I love. No matter how perfect the activity may seem to be for cheering me up, the day will never be perfect if I am not with people I love. To me, the experience is never complete without looking next to me and seeing the people closest to my heart having just as much fun as I am. In my idea of a perfect day, the activities I wish to do is always changing, but I will always want to have my loved ones right next to me. They are what truly makes the day perfect.

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