This Has To Happen Before Virtual Reality Can Succeed
Helen Situ

Um…I’m going to have to be a voice of dissent. I agree more women in general need to get into the tech industry, and I’m glad to see that the founding team includes two Asian women, but no Black women, no Asian women and no hispanic woman, on the team and mostly nothing but a sea of white on the board at all? That’s not acceptable. There’s room for 4 white guys on a board aimed at promoting diversity in tech, especially encouraging women in tech, but there’s no Black or Asian men or women and one latina on the board? That would be like a group created to encourage young people to vote comprised solely of AARP members. How much effort was really put into recruiting team or board members, maybe even especially board members, who weren’t “hashtag boardmemberssowhite”? Did anyone call Guy Primus, for example, who happens to be the CEO of a company called The Virtual Reality Company? There’s videogame developer Lisette Titre-Montgomery, has anyone called her? Here’s some more: Kiki Wolfkill; Mary Spio; Sara Inés Calderón. I think you need to do some more board member recruitment. Baby steps are not what’s needed in 2016.