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Consider this…take catholic hospital off the hook…office procedure.


The Affordable Care Act is being repealed by the Republican party with amazing speed and vigor. There must be a deeper reason for risking our citizens’ lives and security from a lack of medical care than expense or destroying Obamas’ legacy.

Then I found information about the ACA that explains their deep concern. The ACA is discriminatory toward men!!!

The Affordable Care Act was very generous toward women. It provides no cost coverage for contraception and sterilization to women.

The specific language in the Federal Register states,

“The HRSA Guidelines include all Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for women with reproductive capacity, as prescribed by a health care provider (collectively, contraceptive services).1”

Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act was not so generous to men in regards to birth control and vasectomy. The same language quoted above is footnoted with the following,

1 The HRSA Guidelines exclude services relating to a man’s reproductive capacity, such as vasectomies and condoms.

The ACA places the control of reproduction onto women by granting them unrestricted, no cost access to birth control.

By excluding unrestricted services for vasectomy/condoms it puts men at the mercy of health insurance companies regarding financial coverage.

This explains the eagerness to end this outrageous denial/neglect of males’ rights. Males are the source of life. They should have full control over reproduction. When trying to solve a societal problem like abortion it pays to go to the root of the problem.

When Republicans produce their replacement plan, we will expect this grave matter of male birth control to be corrected.

Providing coverage for condoms and vasectomy would reduce abortions dramatically, (satisfying pro life and evangelical concerns about the unborn), along with other problems caused by unwanted pregnancies for the already born.

Cost wise male forms of birth control are cheaper by far than contraceptives and tubal ligations. Side effects, health risks, and ongoing medical expenses of female reproduction would be diminished as well.

State welfare and education budgets would become manageable (estimated $233K for each child) if unwanted pregnancies are reduced. Now that I see the whole picture it makes good sense.

The sooner the male reproduction issues get fixed with the republican replacement plan the better. I hope they call it TRUMP CARE. He likes his name on things.

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