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With more than 27 million people living in Texas, it is little wonder that the Lone Star State would have a thriving business climate. Its community is an eclectic mix of interesting cultures that contribute to the state’s competitiveness. And when the business sector is robust, you are sure to find power consumption at an all-time high and electricity rates Houston very competitive.

Fortunately, Electricity For Me makes it easy for Texans to find their ideal electricity rates. Since the Texas Senate Bill 7 was passed in 2002, 5.6 million of the state’s residents enjoyed the freedom to subscribe to the electricity company of their choice. These Retail Electric Providers (REP) offered Texas residents quality service at very competitive electricity rates. Residents in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, as well as other cities in the state, have access to REP.

Benefits of Getting An Electricity Provider

The average Texas electricity rate continues to change periodically. In spite of these changes, however, residents feel secure with the thought that they have access to affordable electricity rates Houston anytime.

The freedom to choose from any electricity company in Houston is a benefit in itself. But residents in Houston and other cities in Texas enjoy more than just this freedom. These are:

1. Increased purchase power because lower monthly energy bills mean consumers get to spend more money on other needs.

2. Residential and commercial unit owners can see better manage their power consumption and understand what their limits are in terms of usage and budget

3. Competition is encouraged in the electricity market, therefore, REP’s come up with better services and excellent customer support.

Understanding Electricity Rates Houston

Looking for the best and cheapest energy rate in Houston is a breeze with the help of Electricity for me. Before you set out to do this task, you need to know what you need in the first place. Do you know your average energy consumption in a month? If you say yes, then the next thing you need to ask yourself is if you know the different electricity rates that are implemented in Houston, Austin, and other cities in Texas.

To save on energy costs is a huge thing for both residential owners and businesses. This surplus on their budget can benefit other aspects like more food for the household or higher wages for company employees.

But not all households or residential units have the same level of energy consumption. Others with more appliances and gadgets spend more for electricity than those who have less. Similarly, bigger companies have higher energy consumption than smaller businesses that operate with a handful of employees.

It is easy to understand your energy needs and easier to find the electricity rates that are best for you with Electricity For Me. Continue to enjoy the freedom to compare different competitive energy plans and find out what makes one, though slightly higher, better than the other.

Supply Rate Type: Most Competitive Electricity Rates

Energy providers know that residents and commercial establishments consume electricity in a variety of ways. Their usage changes from month to month. These changes can cause problems budget-wise. If left unchecked, one’s energy consumption can break the bank and leave a business or household financially reeling from its effects.

To understand your options for electricity rates better, here is a rundown of the prevailing supply rate types and what they generally mean:

Fixed-rate supply plans allow consumers to pay a specific rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) throughout a contract period.

Variable-rate supply plans do not offer a fixed rate which means the price per kWh varies from one month to the next.

Indexed-rate supply plans have similarities with variable-rate plans. Their difference lies in the public commodity like natural gas that is tied to indexed rates.

Indexed-rate supply plans have similarities with variable-rate plans. Their difference lies in the public commodity like natural gas that is tied to indexed rates.

Green, or renewable, supply plans is an environmental initiative which uses carbon credits to allow consumers to offset up to 100 percent carbon emissions from the house or building’s electricity consumption.

Whatever electricity rates you plan to go with, Electricity for me is there for you every step of the way. Pick out the perfect electricity rate for you with an easy comparison tool that shows you all the information you need to make a smart decision.

Know Your Electricity Retailers

In a very competitive market, choosing the right provider that can cover your needs is as challenging as identifying what your needs are. Electricity for me has made this process a lot less confusing for you. We have put together the best electricity rates and providers in one place. Here is a preview of the electric providers with the best plans for every need.

Power Express

Power Express guarantees that their customers enjoy:

  • Transparent energy rates
  • Accurate, timely, and seamless problem resolution within two business days
  • Excellent customer experience


  • FAST 12 (10.2¢/kWh @ 1,000kWh) — Power Express offers straightforward pricing with no surprises or hidden fees.
  • SMILE 12 (5.8¢/kWh @ 1,000kWh) — If you use more than 800kWh in a month, Power Express provides a bill credit that they pay the customer by lowering their bill.
  • JUMBO 12 (11.4¢/kWh @ 1,000kWh) — For highest usage customers. There is a bill credit (company pays you via lowering your bill) if you use more than 1,750kWh in a month.


  • Industrial — Creating value in your business by squeezing costs is just as important as growing your top line. Since customers understand the costs associated with powering their business, Power Express provides customized solutions, from heat rate to MCPE products.
  • Entertainment- Timing is crucial with your venue and Power Express experienced trading desk has developed special products and services that align your business with off-peak usage periods in the electricity markets. Their indexing capabilities allow your business to take advantage of real-time pricing cuts without increasing unnecessary risks.
  • Professional — Property managers have multiple issues to deal with, and managing energy should not be one of them. Since office manager’s sites differ not only in size and shape but in tenant composition, Power Express has energy consultants that can work closely with you to find a solution that lowers your overall costs.

Real Estate

Take control with Power Express’ management tools and easily manage meters and ensure cost controls for your apartment units and new client homes. Their flexible portal allows for automated on/off services and customized reporting for any size portfolio. Expanding your properties’ service offerings and increase capitalization rates with a revenue stream from Power Express’ marketing agreements is a


Discount Power

The Discount Power team includes veterans of the electric industry who have been active in the business since the beginning of deregulation in Texas in 2002.

Discount Power energy features:

• No Minimum Usage Fee

• Online Account Management

• Exceptional Customer Service

• “A+” BBB Rating



Texas weather can be unpredictable but that does not mean your electricity rates have to be. Discount Power provides reliable service with fantastic savings. Their rates and plan options are simple, easy to understand and designed to save you money and meet your electricity needs. Power Discount offers the lowest rates so you can focus on what matters: Your family.

  • FIXED RATE PLANS — Choosing one of Discount Power’s fixed-rate plans means that the energy rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) is locked in for the duration of the term you select. These types of plans are more predictable because your rate will not change within your contract period. Unlike most other plans, their plans have very low rates and are simple without complicated rate calculations.


Powering your business just got easier with Discount Power!

The Discount Power team brings a combined experience of over 60 years of serving business customers’ energy needs. It aims to provide the Texas business community with great rates along with great account management services

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