Introducing Appwrite: An Open Source Backend Server for Mobile & Web Developers

Eldad A. Fux
Sep 1 · 5 min read
Appwrite installation is as simple as running one command from your command line terminal.

Appwrite Authentication

You can easily integrate OAuth providers as a new sign in methods for your app

Appwrite Account

Appwrite Account service lets you manage your user active sessions.

Appwrite Database

Appwrite Database dashboard allows you to easily explore your project collections and documents.

Appwrite Storage

Appwrite Storage API allows you to easily integrate secure file upload in your application.

Appwrite Teams

Appwrite Tasks

Appwrite Webhooks

You can easily register a new webhook from your Appwrite console.

What’s Next?

Eldad A. Fux

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Software Architect, CTO, open source enthusiastic and the creator of You can follow me on twitter:

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