Gamedev: The Next big thing for Czechia

Eldar Alizade
Jan 17, 2019 · 5 min read
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By Martin Kostun, UPP


The economic situation in Czechia makes it a hot destination for investors looking to invest in various start-up companies. Recent trends indicate that the gaming industry is experiencing a massive financial influx as the demand for game development companies and the market continues to grow. At the moment, more than 50 companies in Czechia are engaged in gamedev.

Czech Game Developers Association says, that more than 1500 people are engaged in the gaming business in Czechia.

Some of the reasons behind this trend can be attributed to how convenient it is to do business here — the social climate, logistics, access to funding, and low operating costs.

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Eurostat, 8.2018

For instance, Wargaming compensated for the lack of workers by employing specialists from neighboring countries — Slovakia, Germany, Poland and so on. In fact it helped them put together a team that had a diverse culture, different background experience and alternate points of view.

Big Companies in the Industry

The leaders of the game development scene that are helping drive growth in the entire industry are Warhorse Studio, Keen Software House, Madfinger Games, Bohemia Interactive and etc.

Kingdome Come: Deliverance Trailer

“Libertarians attracting technocrats” perhaps describes what is happening in Czechia. Members of the “Pirate Party” sit in the Senate, you can pay with Bitcoin almost anywhere, and in the center of Prague there is a 300m2 modular platform, offering tourists an immersive experience in the history of Czechia in VR.

With regard to VR, the name Jaroslav Beck probably doesn’t ring a bell, but his contributions to the industry are huge. A music composer from Czechia, he has collaborated with EA and Blizzard. In mid 2018, his company Beat Games reinvented Rockband in VR with the game Beat Saber, which became the 7th most highly rated games in Steam.

Beat Saber Trailer

Collaboration across various industries

After working at Electronic Arts for several years, where I was involved in projects with games such as Warhammer Online and Star Wars the Old Republic, I continued my career in the Czech entertainment business. For a couple of years, I supervised production of films and commercials at “Three Brothers” film service. This was the time I met a lot of great people and helped a lot of young independent filmmakers build their careers. Moving further along my career path, I joined Universal Production Partners Prague as a new business developer to help drive the newly established Trailers & Cinematics division in 2018.

UPP is known for their CGI production in both films and commercials with notable projects such as Blade Runner, Wonder Woman as well as other mind-blowing commercials. Entering a new market is never easy, even for a titan like UPP, but a diversified CGI portfolio played right into our hands — right now we are in the process of finalizing negotiations with two AAA studios for projects that include not only CGI, but Motion Capture and 3D scanning, all of which we do on sight.

UPP Game Ready Teaser

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