Why Human Rights Shouldn’t Be A Thing

A desire for education can’t be stopped by International War Crimes.

Earlier this week, activists protecting a tribal water source from capitalist greed were ironically gunned down with water cannons. The temperatures in the area were below freezing.

Covered in my last post, the Black Lives Matter group faces fierce opposition despite being a no-brainer issue concerning the systemic racism rampant through the modern, militarized police force.

I still remember the rapid spread of the Kony 2012 video. While never seeing the full thing (who has time for a thirty minute call to action), the movement gained national attention in what seemed like a matter of minutes.

And no one was defending Kony, saying these militants deserve support as well. No one would’ve said All Lives Matter. No one would’ve given money to corporate interests instead of protecting a basic human right, like access to water.


The relative success of the Invisible Children group (the Kony people) and lack of genuine opposition (not counting the whole scandal, more people just stopped caring; no one disagreed), shows that a group with a easily hate-able target gains more attention, better results.

NoDAPL needs to motivate hatred toward capitalism, not empathy for access to water. BLM needs to generate hatred for police and unfair murders, not empathy for their race.

So many #NotMyPresident riots erupted, with such fervor, due to a presence of an easy-to-hate villain that required opposition.

Why shouldn’t Human Rights be a thing?

It’s more effective to vilify the source of misfortune rather than create empathy for the ones affected.

Instead of Human Rights Movements maybe we need a Fuck Fascists Movement, one that vigorously opposes anyone who tries to encroach on another’s humanity.

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