Learning from the past

Australia’s Second Chance is former press gallery journalist and newspaper columnist George Megalogenis’ second excursion into the rough tapestry of our national identity.

Megalogenis’ first book, The Australian Moment, explored the unique political, social and economic circumstances that lead to the nation surviving the Global Financial Crisis.

Continuing that line of investigation, Australia’s Second Chance delves into our migrant past, present and future, examining the advantages our history and wealth (environmental/ fiscal) affords us.

The Australian Moment was framed from Megalogenis’ perspective as a first generation Australian, and thus concerned primarily with events from the Whitlam era onwards.

This new work widens the author’s focus, examining the first encounters between Aboriginal Australia and the First Fleet through to the contemporary national conversation. Megalogenis is concerned with charting the peaks and troughs of our growth and confidence, highlighting the rich contributions of multicultural Australia.

Contrasting our inherent egalitarian nature with our sometimes quixotic, isolationist tendencies,

Megalogenis illustrates that our finest moments are characterised by our capacity to share.

Approachable, engaging and illuminating, Australia’s Second Chance combines history, dry economic data and political acumen informed by Megalogenis’ decade at the Canberra coal-face. In a sometimes grim zeitgeist, Australia’s Second Chance offers a hopeful blueprint for a brighter future by shining a light on our adventurous, creative and somehow more inclusive past.

Review originally appeared at Crosslight.
© Garth Jones, 2015.