Sometimes, just sometimes, I endeavour to write like an actual grown up, not a splenetic bile-fuelled crank, for the work news-organ, Crosslight.

For your edification, please find a selection of reviews I’ve knocked together over the course of 2016, below.

Highway to Nell

“Nell explores universal themes and rituals familiar to the human experience — life, faith, grief, creation — through primitive, egg-like forms, ominous cenotaphs (inscribed with Biblical verse and song titles) and the tools of music making (drum sticks, guitar picks)…”

Kiwi Adventure With Heart

“Ricky’s wildly optimistic evaluation of his own survival abilities once more leads to his apprehension by Hec. Events, however, quickly take several unexpected, farcical turns and the mismatched duo are soon subjects of an intense nation-wide manhunt.
 A throwback to family-oriented survival romps of the ’70s and ’80s, Wilderpeople focuses on the evolution of Ricky and Hec’s relationship as they evade man, beast and nature itself…”

Busting Stereotypes

“If you’re not a reader of online social media, you may be happily unaware of a toxic strain of male ‘geek’ known as a Men’s Rights Activist (MRA). MRAs see themselves as the final line of defence between the patriarchy and what they perceive as aggressive feminist persecution in popular culture…”

A Well Worn Path

“Brown’s Quarterly Essay is an eloquent repudiation of the Member for Warringah’s qualifications and temperament, with quotes from Abbott’s March Quadrant essay, ‘I Was Right On National Security’ giving the reader particular cause for concern:
 “Placing substantial numbers of Australian troops within twenty-five miles of a hostile Russian army was a scenario that no one had ever before contemplated,” Brown writes…”

Born To Preach

“Reflecting upon these stories as miracle narratives in which good reliably triumphs over cosmic evil, Marshall characterises Preacher protagonist Rev Jesse Custer as a type of super (natural) hero: “… only this time, he’s toting a Bible and sporting a clerical collar…””

Enemy Within

“Enemy Within considers the three philosophical directions suggested by establishment candidate Hillary Clinton, social progressive Bernie Sanders and rogue Republican demagogue Donald Trump. Watson frames his musings around the concept of American Exceptionalism and the key role faith (in many guises) plays in presidential politics…”

Finding The Balance

“On the heels of yet another myopic Federal Budget, Megalogenis’ new article looks at the need for reform in our approach to taxation, education and infrastructure projects. In particular, the petty partisan politics of recent governments are thrown into relief, highlighting egregious waste and outdated notions of Australian economic success…”

Faith In Science

“The latest in cultural historian Catherine M. Wallace’s Confronting Fundamentalism series, Confronting Religious Denial of Science explores similar notions of metaphor and symbolism in an attempt to reconcile the opposition between science and religion, which dates back to the Enlightenment…”

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