The Dead Weather: Dodge and Burn

So, then, to the third full release from alt-rawk supergroup The Dead Weather.

Five years since sophomore effort Sea of Cowards comes Dodge and Burn (welcome, Photoshop fiends!), the third in what could be characterised as a trilogy of thematically and musically complementary offerings.

Comprised of members of Queens of the Stone Age, The Kills and The Raconteurs, with, of course, garage rock totem Jack White filling out the ranks, Dodge and Burn lurches through a dozen tracks of signature libidinous, yelping scuzz-rock and anxious redneck blues.

Sharing lead vocals are White, all scalded cat yowl, and the Goddess her-very-self, Alison Mosshart (The Kills), whose nervy sing-song howl brings staccato, nursery rhyme lyrics, all toey angst and murderous intent to urgent, unhinged life.

Meanwhile, the autocratic White shares guitar duties with erstwhile QOTSA axe-slinger Dean Fertita, trading off crotchy jitterbug electrical salvos, and, thanks to The Dead Weather being primarily a studio project these days, serves up urgent, histrionic work on the skins.

Rounding out the lineup is Raconteurs (another White project) and Greenhornes multi-instrumentalist Jack Lawrence, here serving up swollen, fuzzed out bass accompaniment to Mosshart and White’s touch powder nervous breakdown anthems.

Released on Third Man Records, White’s sonic fingerprints are, of course, all over Dodge and Burn: it’s a sticky, schizoid production wrought sweaty flesh with valves and dials and all things buzzing and analogue.

Hewing closely to the primitive, spare, sex (knife-play preferred) and death template set by Sea of Cowards and 2009’s Horehound, Dodge and Burn, whilst definitely a case of more of the same from these accomplished rapscallions, remains a worthy entry into their canon.

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