The Nangrowler EP

Nangrowler [Artist] HWC International
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Availability: Released March 21, 2007

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* Audio CD (February 26 2007)
 * Original Release Date: March 21, 2007 (Pre-order now!)
 * Format: 12″ Vinyl
 * Label: HWC International

01. Nangrowler Overture 
02. Pass The Amyl
03. Tugged to Death 
04. Let Them Eat Skateboard (I, II, III)
05. Extreme Fat
06. Shitlocker/ Pickpocket

Never in the history of bombastic heavy metalisticness has a three piece combo dared to unleash such an unapologetic besser block of carnal vinyl crotch melters on an unsuspecting record purchasing public.

Like a furious black thundersteed bred from pure vitriole, The Nangrowler EP bolts out of the Gates of Hell with the galloping, filth drenched ‘Nangrowler Overture’, an audacious, pulse thumping, genital engorging rallying call to growl Nanas out, whereever they may secret themselves.

Three years on from their auspicious self titled debut, Nangrowler’s arcane metal powered three piece mojos have multiplied by a factor of a digit that may not yet have been invented, nay, hypothesised previously- The Skipper lives up to his reputation as a thunderbucket despoiler second only to Bonzo himself, while The Dame’s dirge like basslines and raunchy, ground glass vocal harmonies attest to her epic history of road warrioring, and The Baron’s electrifyingly droll vocal phrasings and almost preternaturally disturbing guitar abuses set the controls straight for the crotch.

Like angry Norse Gods, Nangrowler rain down chunk after chunk of solid granite lethality- Pass The Amyl ticks over like an inevitable countdown to an apocalyptic date with the buggery hammer, while Tugged to Death is the embarrassingly camp The Baron’s heart rending paean to Ms. Paula Yates’ former rock God boyfriend.

The dead one.

Let Them Eat Skateboard is the EP’s ambitious centrepiece, The Baron indulging in a fretboard workout designed to put Yngwie Malmsteen back in his box as Nangrowler dispense the fanstasical three part tale of an ODing skateboarder’s vision of himself as Marie Antoinette’s courtesan during the final days of the French Revolution. Let Them Eat… segues rapturously into Extreme Fat, as the The Dame spits out her devastating solo blitzkrieg assault on the overly cuddly with a venom akin to Johnny Rotten with a gob full of razorblades dipped in hemlock.

The EP closes with The Skipper reminding us why he’s the current undisputed master of the bottom end, delivering a pounding outro to the epic Shitlocker/ Pickpocket that could very well cause constipation in fans of a weaker constitution.

Stunned listeners will be left under no illusions- this is buzzsaw sharp attack metal, fed through a chamber orchestra and given the old 1812 Overture enema- heavy metalistical musical statements do not come any more intense than this septic six song back alley aural defloration- seek it out before it hunts you down!

Originally published at on February 27, 2007.