Twenty two point five albums for 2007.

22 | The Donnas, Bitchin’- Glorious, icky sticky double denim girly guitar pop straight out of a feathered pillow fight Joan Jett wet dream circa 1982. All cowbell supplies for 2007–2008 financial year now officially EXHAUSTED.

21 | Atreyu, Lead Sails Paper Anchor- Complete their inexorable slide to status of ‘Motley Crue for a generation’, completely surprising me as I was under the impression that honor was going to go to Avenged Sevenfold. Love it.

20 | Queens of the Stone Age, Era Vulgaris- Sexier and more overtly focused than anything they’ve released since their eponymous debut, this is another special delivery to the boudoir of dirt rock robo romantics everywhere. Can leave you yearning for the slightly artless messes that were the Oliveri albums, though; your best bet is to team this with the ex-bassist’s SonicSlowMotionTrails from last year for best results.

19 | Type O Negative, Dead Again- Arch miserabalist Big Pete Steele steps back from the brink of the coke psychosis vortex and delivers another ten densely layered odes to the romance of oblivion.

18 | Big Business, Here Come The Waterworks- Thumping punk hardcore beast running on undistilled vitriole coils around your brain and starves it of blood with righteous excellence.

17 | Tomahawk, Anonymous- Another mad handbrakey out of leftfield for what was previously Mike Patton’s most accessible post FNM project- this is traditional Native American music fed through the spiky sensibilities of three crackpot indie geniuses.

16 | The Nightwatchman, One Man Revolution- Mr Morello achieves more with an acoustic and his surprisingly evocative journeyman vocals than fifteen years of ‘Fuck You, I Won’t Do What You Tell Mes’. Militant calls to arms in the Billy Bragg mode.

15 | Witchcraft, The Alchemist- Cheerful, happy clappy psychedelimetal Satanism that sounds, like, authentically like the support band for Pentagram circa 1971.

14 | Dungen, Tio Bitar- Those loopy Finns bestow another swirling dose of cheeky LSD folk upon a grateful bare foot and bearded throng.

13 (tie) | Pride Tiger, The Lucky Ones | Birds of Avalon, Bazaar Bazaar- So closely related in sounds it’s almost incest- galloping dual guitar attack Thin Lizzy via Cheap Trick diabetic’s NIGHTMARE!

12 | Priestbird, In Your Time- Surging psychedelic headtrip from the former Tarantula AD boys; achingly delicate one moment and all acid rock stomp and bombast the next, this band is begging to be double bill ed with Comets on Fire. Results may include the explosion of your very head itself.

11 | Earthless, Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky- Punch a hole in that Coke can and pass the Zippo- approximately seven and a half billion light years of surging, fuzzy-baked cranial heartbeats and jam instrumental freakouts in the Cream/ Blue Cheer/ Hendrix Experience via Sleep mode await those who dare bask in the black lit glory of these monolithic paeans to THC, Visine and wah-wah pedals.

10 | Monster Magnet, 4 Way Diablo- The REAL God of Fuck, grizzled stoner granddaddy Dave Wyndorf, returns from rehab hell rippeder, leaner and meaner than ever! A triumphant middle finger to shambolic previous entry, ‘Monolithic Baby!’…

09 | Goon Moon, Licker’s Last Leg- Helium lunged desert rock patriarch Chris Goss teams up with the brains behind Marilyn Manson, the Man Who Was Once Twiggy Ramirez (that’d be Jeordie White), has a fortnight long yard party with the usual suspects (all those cheeky Desert Sessions alumni), and churns out a sexy, abstract and vaguely unnerving psychedelic pop experience. Consume with inhalants.

08 | Dethklok- Dethalbum- Funnier than a Manowar concept album and about two thousand percent more authentically just plain METAL, this is a seriously good primer on all things blastbeat, deathgrowly and twin guitar solo-y from the biggest fictional metal band IN THE WORLD.

07 | High On Fire, Death Is This Communion- Scary battle metal; like a stampede of Hessians coming up your mum’s driveway.

06 | Velvet Revolver, Libertad- Sinuous, undulating strip club boogie woogie just like they used to do it. The best Sunset Strip sleaze marathon since LA Guns got Cocked & Loaded…

05 | Maylene & the Sons of Disaster, II- Stripped down, merciless Southern Rawk kidnaps you at gunpoint and threatens to drown you in the bayou.

04 | Machine Head, The Blackening- Two albums into their renaissance (post ill-advised nu metal flirtations) Robb Flynn and the boys deliver the Master of Puppets for this generation. A howling vortex of epic, furious ‘evvy metal magnificence.

03 | Baroness, The Red Album- Propulsive, ocean-like arrangements feed off warm, overdriven, jigsaw-like guitar parts, punctuated with blasts of delicate rage and urgent chiming melody. Magisterial stuff.

02 | Clutch, From Beale St to Oblivion- Grinding blues hardcore heroes change down a gear and craft an effortless excursion into ambling, linear boogie rawk. All class.

01 | Down III: Over The Under | Five generally large, mostly hirsute and increasingly ugly dudes shotgun two sixers of funeral dirges for dead friends and a drowned home. Monolithic.

Mixtape Side A

(Artist | Track | Album)

01 | Go Into The Water | Dethklok | Dethalbum
02 | 3 Suns and 1 Star | Down | III: Over The Under
03 | Wall of Fire | Monster Magnet | 4 Way Diablo
04 | Afterlife | Avenged Sevenfold | Self Titled
05 | Plenty Strong & Plenty Wrong | Maylene & the Sons of Disaster | II
06 | A Toute Le Monde | Megadeth | United Abominations
07 | Tripping a Blind Man | Type O Negative | Dead Again
08 | Weirdness on the Radio | The Specimens | Jazz Brutus
09 | Ekranoplan | Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound | Ekranoplan
10 | Life Not Lost | Priestbird | In Your Time
11 | Cockroach En Fleur | Baroness | The Red Album
12 | Far Cry | Rush | Snakes & Arrows
13 | The Mad Shrew | Year Long Disaster | EP
14 | White Witch Woman Blues | Pride Tiger | The Lucky Ones
15 | Welcome to the Jungle | John 5 | The Devil Knows My Name
16 | Like An Animal | The Donnas | Bitchin’
17 | Blow | Atreyu | Lead Sails Paper Anchor
18 | Words of the Dying Man | Alabama Thunderpussy | Open Fire
19 | Cyclopian Scape | High On Fire | Death is This Communion
20 | All for King George | Pro-Pain | Age of Tyranny
21 | God Of The Cold White Silence | 3 Inches of Blood | Fire Up The Blades
22 | These Fighting Words | Devildriver | The Last Kind Words
23 | Clenching the Fists of Dissent | Machine Head | The Blackening

Mixtape Side B

(Artist | Track | Album)

01 | Heavy Rotation | Page McConnell | Self Titled
02 | Du Ska Inte Tro Att Det Ordnar Sig | Dungen | Tio Bitar
03 | Scratch Your Name | The Noisettes | What’s the Time Mr Wolf?
04 | Conquest | White Stripes | Icky Thump
05 | When Vegans Attack | Clutch | From Beale St to Oblivion
06 | With My Own Bare Hands | Ween | La Cucuracha
07 | Into The Hollow | Queens of the Stone Age | Era Vulgaris
08 | Pin Eyed Baby | Goon Moon | Licker’s Last Leg
09 | Hard Life Easy | Satellite Party | Ultra Payloaded
10 | Burn My Shadow | Unkle | War Stories
11 | Spring Break | The Fucking Champs | VI
12 | Jet Black Holy Water | Dirty Americans | EP
13 | Mary Mary | Velvet Revolver | Libertad
14 | Set You Free | Birds of Avalon | Bazaar Bazaar
15 | Union Song | The Nightwatchman | One Man Revolution
16 | Omaha Dance | Tomahawk | Anonymous
17 | Cold Wind | Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | Baby 81
18 | Back in the Saddle | Seb n Axl | Angel Down
19 | Fashion | Hanoi Rocks | Street Poetry
20 | Great Dictator | Kula Shaker | Strangefolk
21 | Freaks of Nature | Brant Bjork | Somero Sol
22 | If Crimson Was Your Colour | Witchcraft | The Alchemist
23 | Cherry Red | Earthless | Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky

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