The !dea of !ndia

…some stories are worth sharing.

It all started with some vague ideas and a distant dream, because seeing dreams is very important even if you don’t know how to fulfill them. The dream was about a rich, prosperous, pluralist and happy ‘India’. What was the India that possessed me? What was the power so different that people all in the world came here in its search? Has all that Power gone? can it never be retrieved again? Now India is all about boundaries marked on the map containing humongous amount of population! (That map too a result of a British era and subsequent partition) Is that all India is, in this globalized world. We seriously need to think about the boundaries.

Historically Indians were people who lived beyond the Indus valley or on the banks of Indus. They were highly civilized and made this place a dreamland for the whole world and supposedly ‘Hindus’. Me, as writer of this article, am lucky enough to be born in this part of the world and am being called Indian. Nationalism is treated substandard in this globalized world, but when we see populations moving against dictators or govt as in Egypt we know that it still is a vital thread that binds people together. Nationalism in India is a part of our teachings and traditional preaching. We as Indians are a part of a “Way of Life”, a highly civilized one having its foundations on rational reasoning and sustainable development with nature. I would like to quote an example that I remember.

The 10 ‘Avatars’(Reincarnations) of the god Vishnu. What are they? Are they just reincarnations? I have some different idea behind it; let’s see if it pleases you. They are the story of human evolution beautifully hidden under stories. For some time forget the mythology and see the forms as physical creatures. Matsya (fish) — according to science, life started in water; Kurma(turtle) — Amphibian; Varaha(Boar) — terrestrial; Narsimha (Lion Man) — Half human Half beast; Vamana(Dwarf)- the first humanoids were dwarfs after apes. Parshuram (mythological sage, the axe bearer)-the stone age man; hereafter physical evolution changes or reduces a lot what changes is mind or rather thinking; Ram(Civilized man)all nice all ethical; Krishna- (Accepts wrongdoings but for the right purposes); Buddha(‘Avatar ’which many people deny but scriptures speak about birth of Buddha, lets not get into the controversy)- all calm and then Kalki (the final avatar which destroys everything) only devastation don’t you think that is what human civilization is moving towards ?

You must be thinking what does that all mean to me? Yes the above paragraph was a deviation but a worthwhile. What I want to prove is we have a heritage of way of living which was so advanced and thoughtful. There is a lot of research about the Indian culture & heritage. But we must understand that with heritage comes responsibility. We also have heritage of mistakes with us. So many repeated settlements in the subcontinent have been absorbed in the Indian culture. That acceptance is increasingly been replaced by intolerance.

Where has all that powerful strength gone, the bubbling energy of life that gave birth to creativity science and technology, for instance the shipping transport technology, which was so advanced that it transplanted Indian culture to distant places like Malaysia and lot of others (and attracted people towards India). This zeal of life was later replaced by the custom of not crossing the “Higher” seas and thus bringing an end to the research on the cheapest transportation technology. The customs were bought in as a need of time, a particular reason which was very important in that frame of time and lost its credibility soon. With time we should have rethought on them and remove the outdated ones. But we became so busy in blindly following them that we lost the original “Argumentative Indian”. We gave away the zeal of creativity and pride, our people became self centered and saw development as an individual attribute. The famous civilization like many more started crumbling under its own weight.

Being an Instrumentation engineer the first basic lessons I learnt about stability and productivity in a system is by giving feedback. What feedback are we giving to our system, which has given a lot to us? Don’t we only whine over our problems? All patriotism we get to see now a days is during the kargil war or during a terrorist attack Do we always need a war or a attack to come in face with the patriotism in us? The all national pride which comes to us on the republic day and fades away with the chest badges and flags on “The Beating Retreat” . T

Recently I had a discussion with somebody who said “All we do is Think Talk Talk and do nothing about the problems….!” I need not remind you about the problems around us nor their solutions, be it Population, Pollution, Illiteracy etc. Let’s take an oath that we do something worthwhile, Oaths like of reducing wastage of resources, at least we could “Switch Off” our monitors when we leave our terminal for coffee or tea thus saving a lot of electricity. So that the next time we see back what we see is some talk and some work. To end with…

I know that alone I can do a lot of things but since we are together let’s Make A Difference…..Go MAD!

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