No, the F-35 Can’t Fight at Long Range, Either
Joseph Trevithick

Quoting Sprey — really?

The company he worked for was consulted in the RFI part of each program and that was it. He’s made a public career of saying he was a ‘lead designer’ of both though. If he had his way, the F-16 would have been complete shit. The most sophisticated piece of equipment on it would have been a gun ranging radar and that is it.The parts of the F-16 he’s credited with are some of the most griped about parts.

He’s credited with its abysmal 300nMile combat range and if he had his way it would not be fitted with a radar because he thought it was unnecessary.Sprey believed that only three things mattered in air to air combat; high power to weight ratio for fast acceleration and speed, low wing loading and high maneuverability (related to wind loading).

By adding “useless” items like radar or large fuel tanks you lowered the P-to-W ratio, increased wind loading and in turn reduced maneuverability.

But that isnt all — read this gem. Yes, he actually came up with that shite.

If Sprey would have had his way, US would have been rolling in World War 2 tanks in Iraq.

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