Mark Moore Jr. Discusses Growing Up Serving God

Elder Mark Moore
Aug 19, 2019 · 4 min read
Mark Moore Jr. Discusses Growing Up Serving God

It is fair to say that we, as children of God, never stop growing. From the day we’re born to the day we return to Him, we go through constant development and change. That said, one stage of our growth plays a major role in how we turn out later in life. That stage is, of course, childhood.

From a very early stage, the way we perceive ourselves, others, and God helps shape our mature lives. Elder Mark Moore Jr. the Youth Pastor of Faith Covenant Church of Jesus Christ who resides in Atlanta, Georgia, says, “As spiritual beings made in the image of God, our formative years are the most critical in the way we mature. The seeds we sow in our childhood grow with us and affect our lives as adults.” Elder Moore himself is a shining example of a life dedicated to Christ. He comes from five generations of preachers and for most of his life, he’s been part of Mark Moore Ministries.

Awareness of God

Children go through different stages of development — from mental development as they acquire wisdom to mental, physical and emotional development. While every one of these facets of growth are important, the one that is often overlooked at this stage is spiritual development. Many parents and educators usually tend to delay their child’s exposure to God’s wisdom thinking that the child is too young to understand, and that is a grave mistake.

Mark Moore Jr. received the gift of the Holy Ghost at age six. Even at this young age, a child can become aware of God and gravitate toward Him in ways that would surprise us. One can argue that Elder Moore was blessed since he grew up in a house of God and was guided by his father, Bishop Mark A. Moore, Sr., and the great work of Mark Moore Ministries. That is all true, but parents don’t all have to be preachers to raise their children in a way that reflects God’s nature. From the moment the child asks, “Where do we come from?” their spiritual development starts. That question signals their readiness to accept God in their heart.


So how do we instill God’s love and wisdom in the heart of the child? Matthew 28:20 gives us a good pointer. “Teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” If we want the child to grow up serving God and be guided with God’s wisdom, then we need to teach them to observe God’s commands in every aspect of their lives. Mark Moore Jr. after getting that spiritual head start in life early on, went on to dedicate his life to the ministry at age 18. From there he has traveled across the country preaching and teaching the unadulterated Word of God across denominational lines as part of Mark Moore Ministries. How many lives were touched by his teachings and dedicated services? Too many to count. And it all started with the right upbringing. So, as a parent or an educator, don’t be afraid to guide the child to Bible studies and worship at an early age.

Service of God

Setting the child on the path to God has many benefits. It establishes a connection with God that guides them throughout their life. Armed with this valuable knowledge and essential training, the child of God is ready to do God’s work and serve. As Mark Moore Jr. puts it, “The ultimate purpose of every Christian’s life is to serve. Jesus Christ saved us from our sins not just to improve our moral character, but to prepare us to serve God.” Service is at the core of every ministry including Mark Moore Ministries. With serving and doing good works, both in and outside of the church, our life achieves its purpose and meets its goal.

Love of God

It is in our nature to seek God’s love and follow the right path. What started with learning the Word of God and observing His rules then followed with a life dedicated to service and doing good deeds will lead ultimately to a character filled with love — the love of God and fellow men. Mark Moore Jr. contends that it’s at this point that the believer is truly shaped into the image of God. Because God is love and Jesus Christ taught us that without love we can’t know God (1 John 4:8).

Residing in Atlanta, Elder Mark Moore is the Pastoral Assistant of Faith Covenant Church and the National Youth President for the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ

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