Mark Moore Jr on The Importance of Prayer

Elder Mark Moore
Aug 14, 2019 · 3 min read
Mark Moore Jr on The Importance of Prayer

When life gets hard on you, knocking you around a little, and testing your faith with hardship, prayer is the light that guides you out of the dark and brings you joy and happiness. We feel the presence of God the strongest when we open our hearts and pray to Him. And you don’t have to kneel, clasp your hands to your chest and bow your head in piety. You can pray anywhere, any time, and in any position.

As Elder Mark Moore Jr., who serves at Mark Moore Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia, says, “That’s the beauty of prayer. It’s simple yet powerful. You open that channel of communication with God and pour your heart out. And God hears you and listens to your prayer.” Even when you can’t speak out the words, God knows what’s in your heart.

Prayer is Important for our Spiritual Awakening

Prayer, whether done alone or in a group, brings about an overriding sense of humility, honesty, and openness. Such feelings are the steppingstone to spiritual awakening. When you devote time to prayer, you are favored by God and would feel God’s presence and grace with you. Mark Moore Jr. stresses the importance of prayer as it leads to the spiritual revival not just of the individual but goes beyond that to the church, community, and the country. Of all Mark Moore Ministries’ activities, prayer stands out. Why? Because prayer promotes the spiritual awakening of the church and beyond, not just one soul. With constant prayer, we can bring spiritual awakening to the entire world.

Prayer Brings Positive Change Into Our Lives

We all pray for one thing or the other. We might pray for material things or we might pray for peace and happiness. But whether God chooses to grant us what we pray for or not, there’s no denying that the very act of praying brings a subtle change into our lives. How many times have you prayed through tough times and immediately after you felt better even though your circumstances haven’t changed much? That’s because prayer changes you, brings you closer to God and fills you with God’s wisdom. Mark Moore Jr., a man who received the gift of the Holy Ghost at age six, knows the importance of prayer only too well. As an emissary of the Mark Moore Ministries, he has traveled the world preaching the Word of God and using the power of prayer to change people’s lives for the better. He’s observed how prayer changed people from the inside and made them whole again.

We Pray because Jesus Prayed

The Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins and he died praying for our salvation. On the cross, too, he prayed. As the Bible tells us in Luke 5:16 and Matthew 19:13–14, Jesus prayed alone and with others. If Jesus knew and practiced the power of prayer, shouldn’t we too? Mark Moore Jr. answers this question with a resounding yes!

Throughout the work of the Mark Moore Ministries, be it conferences, meetings, or gatherings, prayer is the unifying force that brings people together. The same way Jesus saw prayer as his sustenance and nourishment, we too pray to get strength from God in our moments of weakness. If your ultimate life goal is to be more like Jesus, then prayer is your first step.

Prayer is your Shield

Do you feel afraid sometimes? Do you feel that you’re not strong enough at times to handle the hurdles in your way? Do you fear the uncertainties of the future? Do you worry about your health, your marriage, your career, or your children? Of course, you do. We all do. Do you want to stop that worry, chase that fear, defeat the uncertainties, and go through the day with a resolute heart and confident mind? Prayer is what delivers you from fear and anxiety. It protects you and your loved ones. Therefore Mark Moore Jr. advises you to pray for everyone you care about. Start with your immediate family and close neighbors and friends and work your way out to the community. The power of prayer spreads love and peace wherever you direct it. Amen!

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Residing in Atlanta, Elder Mark Moore is the Pastoral Assistant of Faith Covenant Church and the National Youth President for the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ

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