Week 1

Friends and family,

So today isnt my p day. My p days are on wednesday but we have video conference thing tomorrow so we got to write today.

Well I made it to Chile. It was very interesting to get off the plane and be in a different country where I have no idea what anyone is saying, but I made it to the CCM (MTC) alive. I will try to tell you a little bit about my week and what goes on and whatnot. Also Im typing on a spanish keyboard and I dont really know how it works so hopefully you guys can understand my grammar and stuff.

So first off I live in a room with four other Elders so theres six guys in one tiny room. It gets really hot in there and the AC only likes to work maybe 1\4 of the time so thats good. Everyone gets in each others way and we have a good time trying to talk to the two Spanish Elders in our room. One is from Ecuador and the other is from Argentina. The other two white boys are from Utah and Idaho I think.

My comp is Elder Cazier and Im not really sure what to make of him yet. He is from Washington state and whenever someone asks him where hes from he always says the tiny town he lives in. As if anyone who isnt from that town is gonna know where or what that place is hahaha. Also he sings like he is in an opera and he must think hes really good because he sings very loud and proud and not so good. Everyone knows it but him. Its pretty funny to hear him sing the hims hahah its kind of embarassing. When we get to go exercise he doesnt understand the concept of coordination or not hurting people and he just smashes into everyone when we play soccer. He like cant control himself, he sprained his wrist today playing soccer. He is kinda nuts like that. His personality kind of reminds me of Toby from The Office.

So its pretty hot here and I am pretty much constantly sweaty. Its not so fun wearing church clothes all day in the heat, but I will get used to it eventually. The food here isnt too bad, its pretty much just chicken and rice for lunch and dinner. In the mornings sometimes we have pretty undercooked scrambled eggs, other than that its cereal and warm milk. All day we are in classes and it is honestly pretty hard to stay focused. Its so boring. And on top of that it is really hard to stay awake. Pretty much the highlights of my days are eating, excercise, and going to sleep. Excercise is really fun, we just play soccer everyday.

The CCM has a futsal court and its fun to go out and play with the latinos and white guys. Surprisingly none of the latinos are very good at soccer, theres only like one who I can tell has played before. But playing is still fun. I miss soccer.

The language is not coming along so great at the moment hahaha. I can understand people pretty well, but when I try to say stuff I cant really get out what I want to say. They have us teach some fake investigators in spanish and it is soooo hard. I feel like I could do an okay job in english, but I dont have the vocab to do it in spainsh. Im sure it will come with time. The teachers here are awesome. Theyre latinos who learned english on their missions and they are just super cool and funny. That is a huge blessing.

It feels so weird to be in Chile. When we get to leave the CCM it feels like Im in another country. But inside it just feels like a boring spanish class. and a long long long sunday school class.

OH YA I FORGOT TO TELL YOU GUYS IM DISTRICT LEADER OF MY DISTRICT IN THE CCM. hahhahaha what the heck. that was a surprise. all the district meetings are in spanish and i have no idea whats going on half the time. but i try.

I dont really ever have time to think about home, but I do miss everyone! Also please email me hahah i am so lonely this is like the highlight of my week. Send me pictures of your beatiful faces. Ladies especialimente.

Im gonna try to attach some pics if I dont run out of time. but if not ill send em next week.

The church is still true and I guess im a missionary for real now so thats cool. adios for now.

Oh and mom can you ask Janet to put me on lukes email list please? i need that kids emails so bad #wheresluke

Elder Smith