Week 2

hello my friends and family,

Okay so I have such little time to say so much but Im gonna try to do my best to get everything in.

First off, hows Trump? everyone from sudamerica asks me about Trump.

The CCM life is coming along. Im getting used to everything, this week went by pretty fast. Bad news is, Im already getting fat. So thats great. Literally every meal is rice and chicken and bread. Theres fruit but its just grosssssss. Like I dont eat apples that often but im pretty sure when you bite into them they arent supposed to be mushy. So yeah no fruit for me.

My comp. oh boy my comp. I found out a lot of stuff about him this week. so first off he doesn't wear deodorant. Like how do you do that. I dont know why he thinks its a choice to wear it, but its not a choice. you freaking have to wear it. he smells so bad. and second he farts like every five minutes, and they are the worst farts ever. like right in the middle of class. I wouldn't have a problem if he owned up to it, or did it to be funny, but he doesn't even acknowledge it. what the heck dude. it is so frustrating. Like I have to fart 100 percent of the time but I hold it like a real man.

One cool thing about the CCM is that theres these green parrots in the temple gardens. theyre actually all over santiago, but they look way cool. I guess im really in chile.

So to explain my experiece here in the CCM I want to refer to the movie Elf. I am Miles Finche, the midget dude and everyone else at home is buddy. To quote Miles, I get more action in a week than you get in your entire life. I very much relate to this quote spiritually. At home I never felt the Spirit as much as I do here. Its so awesome to feel the Spirit so strong every day.

For my personal study each morning, I try to learn something new about the character of Christ each day. In the topical guide there’s literally a million things. It is so cool to be able to learn about Him everyday and then try to implement his teachings and attributes in my life. Im learning to love the work in the CCM, just gotta stick it out. Its not about what I want. Other people´s salvation is on the line, I gotta freakking learn all I can!! I love the Gospel and all in entails. This is the truth. We are so blessed to be able to live with the Gospel. Wow i did not realize how much it meant at home. Missions are great.

I still dont feel like a real missionary yet because I still cant teach the fake investigators very well in my broken Spanish. But it will come. Line upon line, precept upon precept. As ive grown to know the people in my district, its kinda hard to deal with them sometimes. You got the guy that talks about girls every two seconds and I know hes never pulled higher than a 6 in his life, and then you got the guy that tries to turn every gospel discussion into some deep question. But i love my district we al have fun. We pretty much just learn about spanish and the gospel, then do bottle flips during the breaks.

Today during my p day when we went out to buy food and stuff, these homeless guys talked to us and they wanted my food hahaha I gave him my cookies because im really nice. I gave him a church card too, but idk if he can get on mormon.org bc he defs doesnt own a computer. but we had a simple conversation it was cool. I kinda speak spanish. He said he didnt have any other clothes and I told him I couldnt really help him, so ya sorry dude. but it was cool to have some contact with the people of Chile. One of the homeless guys told me he was a member and went on a mission to Argentina, but im not so sure, seems kinda sketchy.

I love you all and miss you all, I hope all your wildest dreams come true. Because if mine cant become true then I hope yours can. my dreams are to learn spanish and not have to be fat and go to the bathroom all day.

Please email me and tell me whats up with your lives!! its like the highlight of my week.


Elder Smith

idk what order theyre in but theres some parrots, part of the city, the temple, and the worlds finest ginger ale