The Tenebrous Rift

In the moment, the Heart yearns

Desire and joy mingle, an excess of happiness

No fear, no worry, only the fervor of contentment

Focused on the morrow, the Mind objects

Discretion and wariness mingle, a dearth of serenity

No cheer, no comfort, only the frigidity of rationale

Caught in the middle, a growing gulf

Warmed from the south with the glow of elation

Chilled from the north with the gloom of discouragement

A deepening singularity of despondency and frustration

A tenebrous, ever chafed rift, morbid and hollow

Swelling, unfolding, a Ginnungagap within the soul

Stare at the void, the void stares back

Yet the murk is ignored, an invisible child

Caught between arguing, bickering parents

Animosity flourishes, anguish blooms

The center, an eye of barren isolation

Glares with reproach beyond the event horizon

Writhing, awaiting its retribution

How long then ’til it reaches out

Crushing all I am within its eternal embrace