What if we did not have the “excuses” option?

This is my first time posting article online, and I am not scared a bit about how it will go. I have literally just decided to open my Medium account and start following people I know, reading interesting articles while contributing my piece along the way.

Some people are afraid to go out there and start doing what they have in mind, and this is because they are afraid of by that one friend who always criticizes (and frustrates hell out of them) or afraid of it not working out for them, etc. The list of excuses goes on and on only to hurt you in the end. Most of us have experienced this first hand and as counterintuitive as it might sound, there is a reason that you can give yourself to fight off that fear, and go on the stage.

Afraid of failing? Or afraid that you are not good enough? Or you think you think you will disappoint yourself or others by your first result? I will tell you what. Start small and it is perfectly fine to start small. When Facebook started, it looked like what an amateur programer can build now (I do not how much you agree with my statement but, given what we have today, you would not be excited about young Facebook). Mark started it from his dorm room and made it accessible for Harvard students. Remember, that was a starting point, and look how far Facebook came (it came to the degree of some people cannot live without and some businesses cannot exist if it was not for Facebook). Your first attempt will most likely be crappy, but nobody said that it should not be. It can never be perfect at first. You start at very low level with a lot of mistakes, and probably very disappointing results, but that does not mean that you won’t have another chance to correct your mistakes, right (unless you are in Eminem’s Lose Yourself kind of life situation, and be like I have one shot one opportunity)?

Learn how to not take personally. Through my experiences with people who always criticize, I have come to conclusion that they should always have something to criticize. Even if it was someone else in your place, they would still be criticized by all those “pro-critics” (even if they do completely awesome job at whatever they do). So, why would you even bother listening them?

You understand what I am getting at, right? It is all excuses that hold us back from what we would otherwise do a very good job at. Let’s imagine that we did not have “excuses” option. Like do it or die. Rather than simply trying to persuade yourself that you cannot give any excuses to yourself (or someone else), try to take it more like a challenge (because most likely you will give another excuse for why you cannot persuade yourself that the “excuses” option does not exist any more.

Let’s take the challenge. From now on, you play with only one option. Imagine excuses as something like a crime, sin or whatever you can think of that stops you from giving excuses.