It’s time to buy Litecoin.

Here’s why.

Take a look at the graph below.

Courtesy of World Coin Index

With a constant volume of no fewer than 125 million coins in circulation at a value no less than $23.00 in the last 30 days, the staying power of $LTC is clear.

One month in the last 8 years could be argued to have little-to-no-effect in the world marketplace, so let’s address some of the reasons this cryptocurrency will likely prove to be a valued investment.

The source of all knowledge, Wikipedia, defines currency as “in the most specific use of the word refers to money in any form when in actual use or circulation as a medium of exchange, especially circulating banknotes and coins.”

This working definition when applied to Litecoin, means that during the lowest trading point in the last 30 days, $2.87 billion in actual fiat currency had been invested in the cryptocurrency.

Are Americans going crazy with this thing? Not when compared to China and Korea whose market exchanges occupy the top three slots. We fall into 4th place.

Let’s put a different spin on the topic for a moment.

Take a look at this building.

Litecoin Building, 2017

If Litecoin were a company worth at it’s lowest point in the last 30 days, $2.87 billion, this would be an appropriate headquarters for their company.

In the last 30 days, that company‘s shares leapt to $50 each while trading at a volume of $1.19 billion. That means the company was valued at $53.5 billion.

Let’s reorient back to the facts. Litecoin is not a company nor does it produce a product. It is a currency whose only value is the amount people are willing to trade it for. A fickle, particular group. However, that crowd of individuals willing to invest real fiat currency into this cryptocurrency has steadily pushed the coin up the charts.

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there and many more corpses.

Litecoin is now number three. At the third-most traded cryptocurrency in the world (with China and Korea leading the charge) it should not be ignored.

The creator of this cryptocurrency got his Master’s degree in Computer Science from MIT and worked for Google on their YouTube and Chrome projects.

As cryptocurrencies continue to extend their staying power and work out kinks in, the value will continue to grow.

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