Wrist watching.

I’ve picked up a cool new habit: reaching for my wrist. Not for a gold Apple Watch though, I’m not a millionaire.

Today I did yard work in an effort to impress my new Fitbit Jawbone U2 Fuse Misfit thing. What is this black magic? I also found myself walking around while talking on the phone — no, I always do that. Never mind.

Needless to say, I now take the long way to the restroom each time and have become much more health conscious in the 24 hrs since it arrived in the mail from Amazon Lite.
Just wearing it makes me feel like I’ve lost 5 lbs.

I burned 1,673 calories, which I’m pretty sure means I just unlocked the “Treat Yourself to a Route 44 Dr. Pepper with Vanilla and Cherry from Sonic!” achievement.

I slept 5.27 hrs last night. You should interpret this as... I actually don’t know what to do with that information. But I do know the damn thing gave me a 77% which was my standard assigned grade all through high school and my limited college experience. Guess it’s accurate to the decade.

It took me 24 minutes to fall asleep so I can confidently leave the “dangerous insomniac” box unchecked, and I woke up 0 times throughout my (C+) slumber.

I also did not have to use the restroom in the middle of the night. And while that information isn’t documented or tracked in my wristlet, it is an important fact to note.

This little bit of technology is like a new best friend I bug the hell out of multiple times daily by asking repeatedly “How am I doing? Is this okay? What am I at now?” While this may not differ greatly from how I treat all my regular friends, the bright side is it’s definitely as narcissistic as it sounds.

“The Jawbone Garmin Mio Fitbit Runtastic Microsoft Misfit.
Social media isn’t anywhere near enough, you know that.
Think about yourself more, and take it the next actual step by sculpting your physical appearance.
We don’t have to sell it to you, you’ve already sold you on you. This is just how you do it.”
Images used without permission.
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