Chichiriviche: “A Paradise in Venezuela” by Fernando Duque

This blog was created by Fernando Duque Caicedo who is the person who took most of photos here located. If one photo was not taken by him. It must have the links where it was taken. Copyright.

Photo taken by elduquefernando -Copyright

Once upon a time, there was a man called Fernando Duque an English teacher who lives in Cúcuta- Norte de santander in a town near to the Venezuelan and Colombian border which is capable to travel around Venezuela and Colombia easily.

Yes, Fernando is me.

I have not had the chance to travel to the Colombia coast, I know that Colombia has beautiful mountains, flowers, women, me and landscapes, but in terms of seeing the sea and eat seafood I prefer Venezuela.

I decided to travel to Venezuela in August with a good friend of mine just to chill out and have a good time.(Being a teacher is stressful) The Colombian currency towards the Venezuelan one helps you too much if you want to visit this “ Communist Country ”

However, the term “ Communist ” means that you have to deal with issues that they usually have.

When I made the decision to travel to Venezuela, I already knew that it could be situations in which you can be involved in, therefore I decided to be in advance in time, money, and food.

The first step to travel to Chichiriviche started in San Cristobal-Ed. Tachira. I went to the terminal and I tried to book tickets online to take a plane to Valencia, but As my mother told me, It was Impossible, so I bought a ticket to go to Valencia on bus.

Busven Venezuela photo taken by elduquefernando

This ticket cost 1.500 bsF which means at least 3 dollars or 6.000 pesos from sancristobal to valencia , maybe you ask me why was the ticket very cheap and the answer is “it was EXPENSIVE for the local people, it must cost 1 Dollar. ( remember that Venezuela produces OIL )”

I was not worry about the money at all, i was concerned because l there were people whispering that there were many buses stranded between San Cristobal and Valencia, so that I was praying that my bus was not one of them.

I was completely happy because everything was going well, and we were on time, but something happened to the enginee bus, therefore, we were aground.

I was in the middle of an eternal Highway Called “ Barinas Highway ” the driver was trying to look for oil in the next town, so we waited around 2 hours there.

The sun was trying to rise and my cellphone was ready to do what it has to do “ Taking Pictures”.

Barinas Highway photo taken by elduquefernando 2 hours near to San Carlos town.

Oh god ! Since I took this picture I knew that I will capture the best landscapes of this country.

This photo was taken by J. Carlos Gomez, and It was retrieved by in the Big Low Center Terminal

it was time to take another bus to CHICHIRIVICHE. The weather in Valencia was quite hot which was not a problem, I am from Cucuta so I could deal with it.

On the other hand, it was supposed that we would stay in a hotel called Gabon, but I think that something interesting happened to me. I met two amazing people: Aik and Else.

Aik is from Argentina and Else from Holland. They were sitting behind us in the bus, they spoke in English and of course they didn’t look like local people.

Photo taken by El duque fernando, We were eating Vegetarian Pizza, They made up. The woman on the left is Else and the man on the right is Aik.

I was completely sure they were from another country. I talked with them about silly things, about where have they been, I also asked them from where did they come and what they will do in chichiriviche. I made them a question ( the most important one ) Where are you going to stay in chichiriviche? The woman for Holland said “ In posada alemania”.

Well, As I said before money was not a problem at the beginning but we are not wealthy so a night in the hotel cost 10.000 Bs F including a trip to one island but I said “No” because the hotel was not as amazing as I thought.

For that reason, We went to posada Alemania and I fell in love with this amazing place. The palms, the swimming pool were Incredible, In addition, Mrs Monika was completely helpful and she actually has special prices to go snorkeling or scuba diving.

The swimming pool in la posada Alemania, with some chairs behind it and the palms. Photo Taken By elduquefernando
This photo was taken by elduquefernando in La posada Alemania. Flowers are located in the yard.

Mrs Monika also has a kitchen for everyone if you want to prepare your own food. La posada alemania also has a fridge and an amazing relaxing chair. I was completely satisfied with that place.

The swimming pool is completely clear and clean, the rooms are comfortable, people there are kind, and there is dog called Luca and two cats.

Let me recommend you this place if you want to go holiday in a relaxing place.

Photo Taken by elduquefernando La posada alemania in the evening you can enjoy a beautiful landscape with solar lamps. Technology is included in la posada.
Taken by Ellduquefernando The palms in la posada Alemania in the mornings.

Getting back to the trip. I arrived to chichiriviche at 3 pm and at 4 pm I was aready taking pictures in front of the sea and I sightseeing chichiriviche with my friend. Here you have some photos.

Photo taken by Elduquefernando the first day that we arrived. It was late therfore, the sun was not shining, but the breeze was incredible
Photos Taken by @Elduquefernando This is me, Fernando Just taking some selfies, Love the sun raising in the morning. and Me ready to sunbathe on the beach
Photos taken by @elduquefernando

Oh yes, Here I am, I am thin legs :)

I am finally in front to the sea, maybe you all have been in many ncredible places before but this place was kind of a honey moon.

Here I am in front of the sea, behind me ” the Sal Cay” , I could not be there, but I promise you next time I will visit it.

That was my first day there, and I was completely tired, I could not sleep well in the bus, therefore, I decided to go back to the posada alemania and rest and unpack my stuff.

I woke up at 7;30 am, I know I should be waking up late, but I must enjoy those days. Every morning I asked Monica for coffee, she was so kind and she prepared coffee for me, as a Good Colombian person.

It was time to get ready to snorkeling time so, I asked Monica for the stuff, and we hired the Snorkeling Gear and the Fins, It cost 300 bs F In dollars it is a 50 cents I guess.

It was the first time I snorkeled, I felt fancy with the equipment. Love it !

We arrived in our first place “ Sombrero Cay ” the best cay in Chichiriviche.

Photos taken by @elduquefernando

Could you Enjoy those amazing photos from Sombrero Cay ?

Well, It was time to have lunch :

The man who was selling oyster s

Well, I died alive eating that fish with broast prawn. It cost just 2.000 bs f like 4 dollars.

I got ready for my next cay:

“ Pescadores Cay “

I was taking some photos in the room that we rented in la posada alemania , It is a small room with air ac conditioning, a bed, shelves, TV and the bathroom, It has everything you need: Towels, soap, clean sheets, and a good window.

there was a problem with the air ac conditioning the second day but Mrs. Monika resolved the issue , and we continue having good temperature in our room

“Pescadores cay” was a place to party, there were a dozens of boats playing music and drinking alcohol, and It was like a contest among the boats to know who is the most wealthiest with the best music.

I did not pay attention to the music because I just wanted to have a place to relax, If I want to hear noise I would go to a Disco, Anyway, I was just focused on snorkeling and having fun there.

When I snorkeled I could see the fishes swimming around me, It was not a coral like “Looking for Nemo” Movie, but at least you could see three or two violet fishes.

This cay was good, but Sombrero Cay is winning.

Here you have some photos

Photo taken by Elduquefernando
Photos Taken by Elduquefernando
Photo Taken by Elduquefernando

The next day we went to Peraza Cay, It is a small cay in chichiriviche, People recommended us this cay because it was good to snorkel but the problem was that there was no food, I mean, You should bring your water and lunch by yourself.

This cay was quite calm. There were just 18 people there.

Photo taken by Carlos curreri, Retrieved from

I enjoyed this trip, Venezuela has Amazing place, and it is such a pity that the government is a bullshit. If you want to visit venezuela, just do it, but be carefull.

Chichiriviche is peaceful place. You should go, Robbers are not welcome here,


Fernando Duque

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