The Shape of Power

Gravity. We’re all familiar with what it is. It is what causes these coins to slip out of your hand, twinkling to the ground. It is what caused that shiny, red apple to go *plump* onto Isaac’s head. It is what sometimes causes us to fall face first onto soft asphalt when we’re running too fast and too recklessly.

All things, all bodies exert gravity, even this shard of stone here in my hand, though it is too small to be able to exert much.

My gravity isn’t enough to pull you from your seat from across the room to me. I’m not gargantuan, not massive enough.

But as size increases, as something becomes bigger and more massive, its gravity becomes stronger.

“asymmetrical, with no clear-cut shape”

Asteroids are in shapes similar to this rock, in fact all asteroids are in shapes exactly like the irregular-edged stones we see on a day-to-day basis. It is asymmetrical, with no clear-cut shape, because its intrinsic gravity is not strong enough to overcome the resistance of the dense rock. It is not massive enough.

But as their size becomes greater, to proportions like those of the planets, those of stars and black holes…

the gravity they exert becomes so strong that they are able to pull everything in with such force, overcoming both inter- and intra-molecular forces.

Their gravity becomes so powerful that they rend everything into them with such devastating pressure that they crush the irregular shapes of both rock and metal into compact, even layers, transforming asymmetry into symmetry. And what is the result? A smooth sphere.

They become spherical.

This is the point, where the unshapely asteroid, transforms into a pristine, smooth planetesimal — like the Earth that is magnificent in its round, blue beauty and the blazing ball of fire that is the sun. As something becomes bigger, it becomes more powerful. It becomes spherical.

Super-massive black holes — described as ‘everything goes in, but nothing comes out’ — all take the form of a sphere. Mighty Jupiter, 1300x the size of Earth, with its stormy Red eye, is just as round.

These titanic celestial bodies embody the very definition of legends. Their size, degree of magnitude are astounding. And they all share one particular attribute — they are all spheres. Their shape symbolizes their power.

When you look into your husband, wife, or loved one in the eyes, you see a dazzling reflection of yourself. In them, you feel beauty, magnificence, love and affection.

And as you continue to behold your lover’s eyes, you begin to notice a circular iris…and a round pupil.

The most spellbinding parts of human beings are the gates to their souls.

When you look into their eyes, you look into the shape that is their power — the Circle, with its ever-winding curvatures.

You become locked into their gaze, and their gaze to you.

You two are thence in your own universe, locked into each other’s gravity.

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