The sea starts calmly, at the fingertips.
Malingering at first, there are barely ripples.
But grey clouds quickly form, intelligence becomes muggy
And a rush of icy water drags your mind away.
A river gushes up to the heart, flooding immediately
The crushing movement of the water suffocates, strangles,
Relentlessly twisting and twirling, swelling and breaking,
The waves heave across your body. Crashing against precious rocks.
Foam suffocates.
The swell is stronger than the core.
Liquid impregnation,
Awash with shame and terror.
Sweeping water thwarts breathing
The deluge chokes you
Senses sink,
Overwhelmed words pour from your mouth -A surge of dark puke; unforgiving it rushes and splatters and sprays and bellows and roars

And then you drift
Into an empty space.
Your body is an ocean.

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