Random notes from a CASA (1)

Push him @ needing to earn extra positives.

Invited to a pool party on Saturday

  • not allowed to go
  • needs to be kind & listen to adults in charge
  • through school — not clear if classmate invited him or if school sponsored
  • school said if he were to go would need to be closely supervised and not possible… so…

Behavior issues: going into other kids rooms, taunting them, throwing things @ them

staff very frustrated — not responding to limits & structure; they’re feeling powerless

Does better with better behaved kids (what a revelation)

How does this impact our time?

  • should we hold off on shopping trip together?
  • yes? not sure. up to me.
  • concerned about not learning correlation between behavior with some people and how it may effect other relationships —
  • he saved up for iPod touch

unaware — no socialization — “how i treat other people impacts things”