November 8, 2016

A nation divided,

Half entitled, half terrified.

Those without melanin

Now unmasked and unafraid,

Clad in ghostly robes.

Unapologetic and with malice,

Raise their right arms high

To salute the demagogue.

Eager to purify the stolen lands

And to purge of those unworthy;

A revolutionary act.

An innate hunger for conquest

Pumps red through American veins.

American Red like Antietam,

American Red like a Gestapo patch.

So make the lie big

Make it simple

Keep saying it

And eventually they will believe it:

Make America Great Again.

For it is not the truth that matters,

But victory.

Hang the flag at half-mast

Let the church bells ring

One nation under God,

The People’s Temple.

Line up behind the oval altar

And drink the kool-aid.

Muslims, Blacks, Homosexuals,

Immigrants and Women.

We the people, but

In order to form a more perfect union

You must go.

Father, Son and The Holy Ghost

Holy Trinity, Holy Masculinity.

Mary, mother of God,

Mary, means to an end.

Corporeal consequentialism

Recreate the parable,

Bethlehem circa 1973.

Fertility becomes futile

God is dead! No

God is never born at all

Man-made meets man’s end.