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Ever wonder what design thinking really means? So did a room full of students who gathered today for a workshop led by Wharton’s student-led Innovation & Design club to break down the buzzwords, understand the steps of the Design Thinking process, and brainwrite about how to better prepare for stuff like #winterstormjonas.

Design Thinking is a mindset. Design Thinking is about having an intentional process in order to get new, relevant solutions that create positive impact. It’s human-centered. It’s collaborative. It’s optimistic. It’s experimental.

MBAs sometimes flee at the phrase Design Thinking, since we rarely come from design backgrounds (key exception = our club co-presidents Greta Carlson & Althea Simons, museum and fashion designers respectively) and we’re trained to solve problems using numbers and data. Inherently design thinking ≠ business thinking, right? Turns aren’t the two can be synergistic. A solution that arises through a Design Thinking process AND is supported by traditional business analytics is an ultimate threat. You can even think of the Design Thinking process as another variable in our equation: user-generated data. …

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Panorama make great headers!! Credit: Eleanor Horowitz
  1. Create a username & profile. Super basic, but step one is having an identity. Medium is more personal than other blogging sites, so show us that you’re human
  2. Hook us with the title. Imagine your audience and think of a headline that will attract them. MUST be 2 lines or less, but aim for 8 words (this tip goes for your mission statement too via kevin starr)
  3. Keep it short & sweet. Ideal length is 7 minutes (don’t trust me? …

Everyone in the US seems to be buzzing about the on-demand economy.

SherpaVentures just raised $154M to fund the next Uber, and they’ve published an extremely comprehensive market report on the opportunities for disruption in transportation, real estate, labor and retail.

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Re/code channels Veruca Salt with their instant gratification GIF

Liz Gannes of Re/code recently published a five-day series on what she calls the instant gratification economy. …


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Product marketing at @Samsara

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