Panorama make great headers!! Credit: Eleanor Horowitz

How to Create a Successful Medium Story

  1. Create a username & profile. Super basic, but step one is having an identity. Medium is more personal than other blogging sites, so show us that you’re human
  2. Hook us with the title. Imagine your audience and think of a headline that will attract them. MUST be 2 lines or less, but aim for 8 words (this tip goes for your mission statement too via kevin starr)
  3. Keep it short & sweet. Ideal length is 7 minutes (don’t trust me? trust Medium’s data team). If your readers are anything like me they already have 20+ tabs open in their browser, so you’re fighting for attention
  4. Make it visual. Don’t add pointless graphics, but… add graphics. +1 if they take <5 seconds to understand and make me/readers smile :)
  5. Give shoutouts & stroke egos. The best way to make someone read your post? Mention her/him in it. Give a nod using the “@” sign and that person will likely ❤ and recommend your story. Justine whadya think?
  6. Use Medium’s cool layout & editor tools. Click the help button for “editor hints and shortcuts” and highlight text for simple layout changes
  7. Add tags. This automatically connects your story to similar ones and makes it more searchable
  8. Share with the rest of your social media. Don’t assume that anyone will read your story on its own. Share it to your Twitter, Facebook profile, book club GroupMe, dog’s Instagram, etc.
I hope you enjoy these simple tips. This post was originally compiled for the launch of the online blog for Wharton’s Innovation & Design Club. Send me more tips to add!
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