A moment in Montenegro

The bus ride from Dubrovnik to Budva was windy but wonderful. After we crossed the border coming into Montenegro, huge mountains rose up from the bays. It was absolutely breathtaking and a wonderful welcome to Montenegro.

We arrived in Budva in the heat of the day. It was only a short stroll to our hostel though, so we settled in quickly before dashing out for a bite to eat and to search for a beach.

The next day we all decided to take a day trip to Sveti Stefan. We had trouble finding the local bus and the tourist bus actually cost more than getting a taxi between four of us. So with the radio blasting and the wind in our hair we began the drive to Sveti Stefan. Our driver pulled over occasionally for us to take photos of the bay.

We weren’t actually allowed to go on the island, as it is owned by the super-rich and us in our flip-flops and shorts evidently didn’t make the cut. Not a problem though, we simply lazed around on the beach for the afternoon. The water was absolutely pristine, and so so warm. There weren’t any waves so I spent most of my time laying half-in-half-out of the water. Looking back, I think that the water temperature at Sveti Stefan was probably the best of the trip.

After a relaxing day we were all pretty tired and hungry, so we had a quick meal at the aptly named ‘Relax’. I had the local mystery dish, which turned out to be cabbage, tomato and beef. Perfect!

The next morning Odin and I packed up our things and Lucy and Matt joined us in a day of exploring Kotor. I didn’t know what to expect at all from Kotor, so I was really blown away by both the beauty in it’s town and also landscape.

We managed to again find a little beach and spent the day talking and relaxing. A deliciously cheap dinner followed and before we knew it we were saying goodbye to Lucy and Matt, who were off to Albania. The next stop for us was Bosnia, which I actually wrote about ages ago in the blog.

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