Alas, … wait, I love Athens!

I was pretty excited to visit Athens again. After visiting in 2012 with University, I’d grown really fond of the place and I couldn’t wait to show it off to Odin. I also had a little surprise for Odin up my sleeve. After weeks of planning, Odin just happened to glance at the iPad a few hours before the surprise was due to happen…yes, AJ was coming to visit us in Europe! I was disappointed that the surprise was ruined, but Odin was gloriously happy. We met up with AJ and his girlfriend Leyla at Brettos bar. We then drank lots of wine and felt merry. Odin and I also got a bottle of the coffee liqueur, it’s seriously good.

For the next few days we essentially wandered around Athens, getting ourselves lost in all the streets and seeing a side to Athens that I hadn’t before. There’s plenty of interesting people and shops to look at. And of course, what visit to Athens would be complete without a visit to the Acropolis!

What I really want to say about Athens is that we ate at lots of glorious restaurants, and tried loads of different Greek food. That would be lying though, and I’m not ok with that. What we did eat was gyros. Lots and lots of gyros, and most of it from the 2.20 place at Monastiraki Square. It’s very safe to say that Odin adores Greek food.

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