The flight from Venice was over pretty quickly and before we knew it we’d arrived in Amsterdam. First impressions? It’s cold! We recovered from that promptly, and happily ensconced ourselves inside. Amsterdam is a really beautiful place. When we were there it was either foggy or raining. Odin and I have both decided that we would love to go back in the summer.

Our week-or-so in Amsterdam generally involved stocking up on free breakfast (thank-you, boiled eggs and rye bread), and wandering around all the interested alleys, shops, coffee shops, and canals. It’s very easy to see why so many people only go to Amsterdam for a couple of days, and end up staying way longer. We decided to head out of Amsterdam to the nearby Utrecht. To my absolute delight, our hostel was in the middle-ish of a forest. The skies were clear, the ducks were out, and it was prime walking weather. That’s exactly what we did for the few days we were in Utrecht (except that one afternoon where it rained). There wasn’t much food around except for a delicious soup place next door, so we again stocked up on the free breakfast which served some of the most deliciously warm fresh brown bread I’ve ever had at a free breakfast.

We adored our short time in Holland. It’s without a doubt somewhere that we’re going to revisit. Maybe buy a bike, and have a cycle around for a while…we’ll see!

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