After a very busy few days in Athens, we were all very excited to head to the countryside. We traipsed over to the local bus stop and jumped on. A few hours, some stunning scenery, and a little bit of motion-sickness, we arrived in Delphi. I’d been a few years ago with University, but none of the others had. They were blown away by the amazing views and incredible location of the archaeology sites.

The next few days we spent going for walks, exploring the ruins, and eating some incredible food. The menu included local lamb, rabbit, among other moutwateringly delicious meals. We went back a few times, it was that delicious. Definite bonus was the complimentary homemade dips to start with and a delicately divine walnut cake to finish. Apart from the meals at that restaurant, I actually think that the only other thing we ate (the whole time in Greece) was gyros.

From Delphi we wound our way back to Athens and the following day jumped on a plane to…Rome!

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