Places we love

It’s been so long since an update, and we’ve seen so much since then. This list is just a taste of our highlights over the past month.

St. Malo, Mont Saint-Michel, and Dinan

The old town of St Malo

The old-world charm of these places was simply remarkable. We didn’t have long, but we loved the quick taste we had.


We were lucky enough to have two weeks relaxing at David and Christine’s cottage in Brittany.

Ellie with a mouthful of bread. Gotta love the crusty end!

Long walks along the canal, day trips out to surrounding villages, delicious home-cooked meals, and a stroll down the lane to the local bar we thoroughly enjoyed staying (almost) still for a while.

Bike ride along the canal

Pointe de Dinan

This was a day trip that we decided to do one morning from the cottage. It was a short drive from the cottage and we were greeted with splendid views of the rugged coast.

Black Mountains

The Finistere country is surrounded by barren landscapes and rugged mountains. We spent some time exploring the rocky outcrops of Le Roc’h Trédudon, Mont Saint-Michel les Brasparts, and le Ménez-Hom in the Black Mountains.


We loved Bordeaux. It is high on our list (so far) of our favourite stops. We camped on the outskirts of the town and rode bikes in. A sublime river, wide boardwalks, narrow cobblestone alleys, and so much character.

Dunes du Pyla

Odin holding up a dune

We met a Canadian couple in Bordeaux who told us about the dunes. We found a terrific campground with a view of the dunes and the sea. We had a great walk up the dunes and the sunsets over the ocean were simply superb.

San Sebastian

Our current stop! We arrived a few days ago and haven’t left yet. The weather on our first day was sublime, though the rain has now set in. Pleased to report that our little tent is surviving though (only leaks a little bit), as are we, on a diet of wine and pinxos.